Varsity Football Follows Last Year with Win Against Watsonville


Quarterback Noah Cryns

Written by EJ Defensor, Sports Editor

Watsonville – Starting off the 2016 football season with a highly entertaining contest for both sides, Breakers Varsity Football narrowly escaped Friday with a tense win over the Watsonville Wildcatz.

The Breakers struck first, putting the first points on the board with a rushing touchdown from Nick Coppla with 7:43 left in the first quarter. Unfortunately, the extra point went wide and flew flat, a consistency which would plague the team all night, as the missed extra points kept dragging the Breakers down. Also, Watsonville quickly quieted both the PG sideline and stands with a touchdown of their own followed by an interception towards the end of the first quarter. The Breakers, not to be outdone so quickly, soon responded with an interception of their own which nearly resulted in a defensive touchdown.

The second quarter started in PG’s favor with a rushing touchdown from quarterback Noah Cryns within 5 minutes of opening the second quarter, despite missing the 2 point attempt. However, Watsonville, with less than 3 minutes until the end of the quarter, scored two touchdowns to send the Breakers to halftime down 12 – 21, much like last year.

Still, the adamant Breakers entered the second half with optimism, after rousing talks from coaches and leading senior players, and scored a touchdown accredited to Calvin Stickler to close the point deficiency. Watsonville responded yet again with another touchdown towards the end of the third quarter to extend their lead and break away from the visiting team.

For the Breakers, all seemed lost by the beginning of the fourth quarter when Watsonville scored another touchdown to force PG into a 17 point deficit. However, in full Breaker style and spirit, PG fought back bitterly. With 9:26 left in the game, a completed pass from Cryns to receiver Kane Miller resulted in a touchdown, and a successful two point conversion, which initiated a wave of momentum to carry the team to the end of the game. The defensive stand that followed was highlighted by a damaging sack from PG’s Henry Albert, which ultimately forced Watsonville to punt away their possession. Not two minutes later was yet another PG touchdown to cut the gap to one point, this time a pass to Coppla with another two point conversion. Watsonville was successful in stopping the much of the momentum to protect their lead with a touchdown with only 3:37 left in the game.

The final minute of regulation would inevitably decide the game with a series of decisive events:

0:40 – Breakers score a rushing touchdown with 0:40 left to bring the score within two points.

0:40 – Breakers set up for a two point conversion, but half the lights in the stadium go out.

0:40 – After 10 minutes, the lights are fixed, but the Breakers cannot convert the two points.

0:38 – Breakers attempt onside kick and recover the ball.

0:26 – Completed pass within the Red Zone.

0:02 – Completed pass within 2 yards.

0:02 – Watsonville calls two timeouts to “ice” the PG players.

0:00 – Breakers score a rushing touchdown on a QB Sneak by Cryns.

Of course, the PG student body – including our own “highly esteemed” editor Isabel Cushman – swarmed the field, reminiscent of the 2014 Shoe Game victory, to celebrate the win with the players, much to the dismay of the PG coaches. Thus, the PG Breakers start off the season undefeated (1 – 0 / 0 – 0 MTAL). The Breakers face Orestimba at home on Friday September 2.



Junior Varsity (L): 41 – 6


Varsity (W): 46 – 42


1st Quarter

07:43 – PG Rushing TD Coppla (6 – 0)

04:48 – Watsonville TD (6 – 7)


2nd Quarter

10:12 – PG Rushing TD Cryns (12 – 7)

02:25 – Watsonville TD (12 – 14)

00:25 – Watsonville TD (12 – 21)


3rd Quarter

08:03 – PG Rushing TD Stickler (18 – 21)

03:11 – Watsonville TD (18 – 28)


4th Quarter

11:27 – Watsonville TD (18 – 35)

09:26 – PG Passing TD Miller (26 – 35)

06:23 – PG Passing TD Coppla (34 – 35)

03:37 – Watsonville TD (34 – 42)

00:40 – PG Rushing TD (40 – 42)

00:00 – PG Rushing TD Cryns (46 – 42)