Breaker “Bye”-Lines


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Breaker “Bye” -lines:

Class of 2016 Looks Back on Breaker Life


The Best Of Times…


Sam Fenstermaker: Winning the CCS basketball championship against Carmel.

Angus Jansen: When Cammi came to school pregnant.

Natalie Castorina: Freshman year was the best. Being with Julia and experiencing new things.

Eric Boerner: Beating up on Carmel in baseball.

Lorance Dunbar: Lunch

Colton Moore: Playing football with the bros

Noah Ryan: Scotts Valley Playoff Game

Rex Russell: When Mr. Buller tried to break off a fight but didn’t exactly succeed.

Ashley Aguilera: Winning the first league championship for girls soccer for our high school and receiving best offensive player.

Courtney Vogel: Don’t have one (came in as new student this year)

Claire Gurries: Graduating

Elise Momberger: Getting my face painted during VAPA week

Jack Bergon: When Juan The Builder cussed out our soccer coach in front of little kids.

Christina Lucido: Shoe Game 2014, Project Lacey, Breaking down Carmel’s fence, winning league in Girls Basketball 2014, Camping Squad, Cross Country, CCS Basketball Champs 2016!

Scotlyn Rhyne: My favorite memory is when my friends and I would play the game Signs at lunch. We would eat first then play an intense game of Signs. I think this is a memory that I will always cherish, because we had so much fun and just let loose.

James Donlon: Winning the shoe game and going camping.

Tyler Hawes: Buying the most reliable vehicle ever… the white knight.

Kayla Flores: My 18th birthday

Monika Worcester: Creating a collection of social theories with Minhee Cho all throughout HS, Poetry Out Loud, Model UN of sophomore and junior year, every day that Mr. Morrison let me check books out to people so I could avoid going back to class…

Natali Baratashvili: 2016 boys CCS basketball champs, Shoe game 2014, basketball 2014-15

Eli Swanson: Winning the Shoe Game at Carmel

Angel Jones: Shoe Game 2014, breaking the bleachers at Carmel High, Project Lacey, when Tyler Hawes tripped running to second base during the Carmel baseball game.

Levi Thompson: Eating flash frozen marshmallows at Science Club

Alex Morales: Soccer season  2k15, and shoe games, basketball CCS championship game, project lacy & powder puff #undefeated.
Minhee Cho: Watching and singing along to The Sound of Music in APUSH, being a part of “Me, Cho, and the Po”, and learning German and annoying people in 6th period Study Hall with Monika Worcester.

Daniela Garza: Winning the Shoe game at Carmel junior year and the first spirit week of senior year 🙂

Robert Wilkerson: When Nick T. offered me a one of his classic fist bumps.

Caroline Gruber: Cheer this year was full of great memories. I think the little moments have been my favorite part about high school. I can’t choose one moment.

Alex Thibeau: My time on stage with my theater family will be my favorite memories in high school… Oh and when Julius and I could not stop laughing on stage.

David Twohig: Collaboration of the arts 2016

Hannah Cox: VAPA week, every year

Cammi Whiteside: Halloween my junior year dressing up as Juno and Paulie with Angus.

Douglas Dow: Junior year frantically studying for APUSH quizzes at break every week

Julius Yevdash: Sitting in the Flamingo Room. Shenanigans in C Wing. Writing “juju” on every surface possible at school.

Kolby Foster: Not a lot

Rachel Biggio: Winning County Mock Trial; surviving Homecoming 2015-2016; Watching The Sound of Music in APUSH; eating sushi after finals; becoming elite on July 5, 2014.

April Ortiz: Science camp

Matthew Padgett: Um obviously being Padgett like what else.

Ximena Mendez: Math tutoring after school

Rachel Spung: That time I actually went

Apollo Marquez: My favorite memory was winning CCS in basketball against Carmel.

Claire Borges: Leaving.

Nic Boatman: Breaking Carmel’s Basketball bleachers, every basketball season (winning CCS), Project Lacey

Paula Rueda: My favorite memory at PGHS was participating in Student Voices for three years with Minhee and Jeremiah.

Michelle Haugen: The time I had with my best friends

Chip Wagner: Winning CCS in basketball

Christian Olsen: Finally getting to leave at 7th Period.

Noah Thanos: Buying The Pinkprint on iTunes.

Emily Muller-Foster: When Mental Musk stripped

Rawan Karaki: Senior year

Kyra Kennedy: The Shoe game 2014, Winterball 2016, CCS Championship Basketball game 2016 (that entire season), the Close Up trip, and Sophomore year on the dance team.

Hugh Hudson: Mock trial hotels and lurking in ponds in APES

Jake Merenda: So many

Brendan MacLaren: Football season and Musical season have always been my favorite parts of PGHS.

Kaelene Jensen: Winning league in 2015 (soccer)


Senior Crushes…


Sam Fenstermaker: Kyra Kennedy, Lexi Rohrer, and Ally Herrera

Cammi Whiteside: Mr. D’Amico

Angus Jansen: Estefany Castillo

Natalie Castorina: Cooper Morley duhhhh

Eric Boerner: Vin Diesal

Lorance Dunbar: Ian Somerhalder, Phill Lewis, Evan Peters, Eric Boerner, and Bob Saget <3

Daniela Garza: Arielle Isack and Angus Jansen

Colton Moore: Abby Burnell, Mrs. Gordon

Noah Ryan: Mrs. Bulich

Ashley Aguilera: None

Robert Wilkerson: Definitely Eli Swanson, and definitely not Caroline Gruber.

Courtney Vogel: Don’t have one

Kacee Takasaki: Mrs. D

Claire Gurries: Noah Cosgrove and Chip Wagner

Jack Bergon: Arielle Isack

Scotlyn Rhyne: Scotlyn Rhyne

James Donlon: Christina Lucido, Cameryn Shoemaker

Tyler Hawes: Natali Baratashvili

Kayla Flores: Wesley Hardin, Arielle Isack, and Nick Coppla

Monika Worcester: Luke Herzog, Edward Powley, Jer, and Justin Trudeau.

Natali Baratashvili: Eli+Ben Elisco, Tyler Hawes

Eli Swanson: Minhson Wilkerchou

Arielle Isack: Jason Kim, Mr. D’Amico

Jeremiah Greenberg: Christine Lee

Alex Morales: Eli Elisco, Jackson Schooly, Gavin Shaka

Angela Jones:Eric Cuellar, Nick Coppla, Nic Boatman, Calvin Stickler… Angus Jansen

Minhee Cho: Caelum Kim-Sanders, Lukas Worcester, Nolan Hook, Delbert Troung, Edward Powley


Caroline Gruber: Robert Wilkerson, but really Hannah Cox.

David Twohig: Paula Rueda

Hannah Cox: The godlike Justin Trudeau (but really Caroline Gruber).

Douglas Dow: Maggie LC and Noah Cryns

Julius Yevdash: Alex Morrison, Sally Richmond, Luke Herzog, Zeus Marquez.

Rachel Lo: Nick Coppla, Lukas Worcester, Wesley Hardin, Ahmed Osman

Rachel Biggio: Alex Morrison 😉

Bella Nielson: April Ortiz

April Ortiz: Bella Nielson

Matthew Padgett: Claire Gurries

Ximena Mendez: Rawan Karaki

Rachel Spung: That white dog that is outside everyday

Christina Lucido: James Donlon…Trevor Hyns

Julia Spears: Colton Moore, Shane Steinback

Apollo Marquez: Hannah Renner-Bennett and Camryn Shoemaker

Nicolas Boatman: Angela Jones, Ms. Pignatelli

Claire Borges: lmao

Paula Rueda-Villamil: Delbert Truong

Michele Haugen: Dead

Chip Wagner: Jolie G.

Christian Olsen: Peter Fahem

Noah Thanos: Sarah Bitter, Rachel Biggio, Arielle Isack, Wesley Hardin, and Garima Gurung.

Emily Muller-Foster: Gavin Eldridge

Rawan Karaki: Ximena Mendez

Kyra Kennedy: Sam Fenstermaker and Ben Phillips

Hugh Hudson: Alex Morrison, Sally Richmond, Shirley Ushakoff

Jake Merenda: Me

Brendan MacLaren: The football field and the stage

Kaelene Jensen: Jacob Alt

What Are You Doing Next Year?


Sam Fenstermaker: I am going to study environmental engineering at Cal Poly.

Cammi Whiteside: Studying at the University of Southern California

Angus Jansen: Going to Clemson!! Awkward if I don’t get in though… Go Tigers!!

Julia Spears: MPC

Natalie Castorina: Not sure yet. MPC or San Francisco

Eric Boerner: #Lobogang

Lorance Dunbar: #BangBangLoboGang

Colton Moore: Going to CSU Chico

Noah Ryan: MPC Lobo Gang

Rex Russell: Most likely Sonoma State or CSUMB

Ashley Aguilera: Las Postias JC

Courtney Vogel: Long Beach State University

Kacee Takasaki: Baseball at Hartnell

Claire Gurries: MPC

Elise Momberger: George Fox University

Jack Bergon: Studying Aerospace Engineering at SDSU

Scotlyn Rhyne: Grand Canyon University

Tyler Hawes: MPC

Kayla Flores: UC Berkeley

Monika Worcester: David Twohig put it best. Also, potentially studying abroad in Lithuania for a semester? Updates to come.

Natali Baratashvili: MPC

Eli Swanson: Concordia

Levi Thompson: Studying software engineering at Cal Poly SLO

Arielle Isack: Hopping the turnstile to take the 1 train uptown in New York

Alex Morales: Going to Santa Barbara City College

Minhee Cho: Going to Brigham Young University, hopefully going on lots of mountain hikes and making lots of friends!

Daniela Garza: Community then NYC :-))

Robert Wilkerson: I’m going to hang with cows and Aggies at UC Davis!

Caroline Gruber: Attend college at either UCSB or UCD and sociology.

Alex Thibeau: I will be attending San Francisco University in the fall

David Twohig: Higher education at the esteemed Monterey Peninsula College.

Hannah Cox: I am going to UC Berkeley

Douglas Dow: University of Chicago studying mathematics and maybe a little bit of economics

Julius Yevdash: UCLA; living it up

Rachel Lo: Decide what I am most passionate about.

Kolby Foster: MPC football

Rachel Biggio: Attending Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

Ximena Mendez: Loyola Marymount

Bella Nielson: Going to Eastern Washington University

April Ortiz: I’m going home

Matthew Padgett: MPC for nursing brah

Rachel Spung: Livin’

Christina Lucido: Chico State

Julia Spears: Going to MPC

Apollo Marquez: Going to MPC to pursue a career in the field of Sports Medicine as an athletic trainer or physical therapist.

Claire Borges: Working

Nic Boatman: Fresno Pacific University to play baseball.

Paula Rueda: I’m going to MPC in the fall.

Michelle Haugen: M.E. at Texas A&M

Chip Wagner: University of Southern California

Christian Olsen: I am going to BYU Provo.

Noah Thanos: Attending UCSD as a Mechanical Engineering Major.

Emily Muller-Foster: Glow up

Rawan Karaki: MPC for 2 years then transferring.

Kyra Kennedy: I’ll know by the time this newspaper comes out.

Hugh Hudson: University of Wisconsin

Jake Merenda: College

James Donlon: I’m taking my talents to Chico State

Kaelene Jensen: Attending Loyola University in New Orleans and letting the good times roll.


I Wish I Would’ve…


Sam Fenstermaker: I wish that I played in student voices.

Cammi Whiteside: Rapped for student voices

Angus Jansen: Known Cammi sophomore year. And also I wish I would’ve of had both 6th and 7th off, that’s all I was looking forward to in high school.

Julia Spears: Nothing.

Natalie Castorina: Play more sports, be more involved

Eric Boerner: Watch less Suite Life On Deck and more Suite Life of Zach and Cody

Lorance Dunbar: Turn up

Noah Ryan: Chill, go to the beach, go to Mexico.

Ashley Aguilera: Student Voices

Courtney Vogel: Get all A’s. Study more

Kacee Takasaki: Played tennis or lax

Claire Gurries: Join the swim team sooner

Elise Momberger: Tried harder

Jack Bergon: Stopped growing.

Christina Lucido: Ran track

Scotlyn Rhyne: I wish I had joined more clubs and/or done more things that got me out of my comfort zone.

James Donlon: Tyler Hawes

Tyler Hawes: Win a CCS Championship

Kayla Flores: Won a single game during the 2015-16 volleyball season. Just one game. lol

Monika Worcester: Clap back the roasts

Natali Baratashvili: Joined leadership

Eli Swanson: Nothing

Alex Morales: Nothing I can say on here

Minhee Cho: Not gotten grey hair

Daniela Garza: Played a sport

Caroline Gruber: Be in a musical, and the musical not contain excess drama.

Alex Thibeau: Joined the band and fulfill my dream of being a master saxophone player.

David Twohig: Take either culinary arts or woodshop

Hannah Cox: I wish I had figured out earlier not to do things just to spice up a resume.

Douglas Dow: Been less cautious

Julius Yevdash: Acquired a better understanding of myself….

Rachel Lo: Be more outspoken

Kolby Foster: Transfer to a different high school

Isabella Nielson: Punched someone in the face because I would’ve been under 18 but now it’s too late

Matthew Padgett: Asked Claire to Prom before anyone else

Ximena Mendez: Skip more school

Rachel Spung: Steal the gnomes out of the cafeteria.

Julia Spears: Performed in student voices

Apollo Marquez: I wish I didn’t play golf junior year

Claire Borges: Dropped out when I had the chance

Nicolas Boatman: Played/was good at basketball, played golf

Paula Rueda: Been in a school musical

Michele Haugen: I wish I had learned another language fluently.

Chip Wagner: Played football

Christian Olsen: Done any of my homework Freshman/Sophomore year.

Noah Thanos: Found Rachel a look.

Emily Muller-Foster: Call a fool out.

Rawan Karaki: I wish I did more extra curricular activities.

Kyra Kennedy: I wish I had joined leadership Freshman year and not let other people’s drama affect me.

Hugh Hudson: Impeach Rachel Biggio, marry Ahmed

Jake Merenda: Win state

Brendan Maclaren: Played at least one year of lacrosse.

Kaelene Jensen: Gone to the Tyler, The Creator concert in Santa Cruz.


Senior Wills…


Cammi Whiteside: The varsity soccer team to the willing and able juniors.

Angus Jansen: My throne to the next Jansen.

Natalie Castorina: Nothing.

Eric Boerner: My respect.

Lorance Dunbar: Captain of the dance team… I’m gonna leave this to you, Shira.

Noah Ryan: My Baseball Locker to Trevor Heyn.

Rex Russell: I will pass down my will of fire

Ashley Aguilera: Don’t judge people until you know them.

Courtney Vogel: Nothing…

Kacee Takasaki: Passin’ down my calves to tpimp

Elise Momberger: My locker, to whoever takes it.

Jack Bergon: I will pass on my height to Connor Jones

Scotlyn Rhyne: I will pass down the lovely and luxurious locker that is 215 of B-wing to the coming freshmen. Please enjoy this beauty and take care of the perfection.

Christina Lucido: I leave my sailor mouth to Lexi Rohrer, I leave my sass to Dianna Hughes, I leave the basketball team to Kulaea Tulua, I leave my number one jersey to Vada Courney, I leave my sarcastic comments to Lauren Coppla, I leave my Italian spirit to Jessica Natale (even though you’re half Italian).

James Donlon: The football team to Nick T.

Tyler Hawes: I leave my gainz to Cal.

Kayla Flores: My dance-floor skills to Kulaea Tulua and my position as setter on the volleyball team to Zoya Raja 😉

Monika Worcester: I leave Model UN to anyone more competent than 2015-16’s tri-presidency, I leave Philosophy Club to Steven Kellogg, the senior class to Shira.

Natali Baratashvili: I leave Kulaea my anger, I leave Sam my basketball number, I leave Zoya without a roommate.

Eli Swanson: My Good Looks and Charm – Nick T, My Harmon Mute – David Twohig, My Razor-Sharp Wit – Henry Albert

Levi Thompson: Delbert Trong gets the Chess Club Presidency

Arielle Isack: I wish to pass down my throne as the principal bassist to Avery Doss, my rightful heir.

Alex Morales: I pass my sassy remarks to others players on the soccer field to Dianna and I leave my attitude to mariah powell

Minhee Cho: I leave my football season spirit to Mei Bailey and the rest of my flute section, my lowkey “fab” dance moves to Ben Phillips, the legacy of the “2” to Camden Smithtro, my terrible sense of humor to Sheza Bukhari, my positivity to Kulaea Tulua, and my sneezes to some lowly freshman who will carry on the tradition.

Daniela Garza: I pass my school spirit down to Kulaea Tulua.

Robert Wilkerson: Defensive End Position: Chase McKinney if he’s ever eligible. Asian Wit and Charm: Foster Smith.  Get an A in Lit Survival Guide: JK IMPOSSIBLE 😀

Caroline Gruber: I pass down what’s left of my sanity to May Khalil. Sorry, it’s not much.

Alex Thibeau: I pass down my LOTR knowledge to Luke Herzog, and give my dumbness to Kiana.

David Twohig: Rachel Choi – 1st trumpet in the marching band

Some upcoming freshman – my mint condition locker

Hannah Cox: I pass down my car and my parking spot to my little sister. Treat the Volvo with love and it will love you back.

Douglas Dow: My metaphoric Cross Country shoes go to the speedy Henry Loh, and my prestigious Chess Club VP position goes to Mathew Lo.

Julius Yevdash: My stuffed animal collection shall be donated to the “Flamingo Room” where the many beady eyes will watch the cheeky teachers for eternity.

Kolby Foster: Y’all better hit the weightroom

Rachel Biggio: I leave my sass to Maddie Erickson; my totalitarian regime to Lexi Rohrer; my chair at counsel table to Isabel Cushman; and Vivaciously to Mrs. D’Amico.

April Ortiz: Sadness

Matthew Padgett: I pass down my ego to anyone brave enough to take the will of Padgett.

Ximena Mendez: Nothing to everyone

Rachel Sprung: I’m keeping everything for myself

Julia Spears: I’m leaving my dirty looks.  

Apollo Marquez: I pass down all kinds of gains to Miles Lewis… all kinds.

Nicolas Boatman: Jeep parking spot to Trevor Moore.

Paula Rueda: The clarinet section to Nadi Nader, even though he already has it.

Noah Thanos: My anxiety to Isabel Cushman, my emo to Camden Smithtro, and my name-recognition at Starbucks to Grace Hardin.

Emily Muller-Foster: Power toes to Gavin Shakka

Rawan Karaki: My amazing locker to some freshman…

Hugh Hudson: I pass Vivaciously down to future APES classes, I pass Quiz Bowl to the wind, I pass the Track and Field Discus and Shotput team to Jacob Wren, I pass being bullied by Elaine to Taylor and Kizmet.

Jake Merenda: Pass CCS Championships

Brendan MacLaren: I leave my love of music to Mackdaddy Maggot, my love for the Patriots to Matt Perlstein and my hair to Mr. Bell.

Kaelene Jensen: Lane 8 to Natalia Kaufman and defensive line to Diana Hughes.


Favorite Teachers…


Sam Fenstermaker: Mr. Grate

Violett Olinger: Ottmar

Cammi Whiteside: The D’Amico power-couple

Angus Jansen: Mr. Powers

Julia Spears: Mr. Steinback

Natalie Castorina: OTTMAR, Gordon, Stieny

Eric Boerner: Mr. Morgan

Lorance Dunbar: Mr. Ottmar, Mrs. O’Donnell, Mr. Morgan.

Colton Moore: Mr. Steinback and Mrs. Gordon

Noah Ryan: Mrs. Gaona, Coach Morgan, and Bo Buller

Rex Russell: Otty

Rachel Biggio: Joey D’Amico

Ashley Aguilera: Mr. Kelly

Courtney Vogel: Mr.Kelly

Kacee Takasaki: Steiny for sure

Claire Gurries: Steinback

Christina Lucido: Ottmar, Rubin, Gaona, Morgan

Elise Momberger: Isaac Rubin

Jack Bergon: Mrs. Damico, Mr. Morrison, Mr. Rubin (Jr. and Sr.), Tommy Light

Scotlyn Rhyne: Mr. Powers and Mrs. Selfridge

James Donlon: Mr. Powers and Mrs. Gordon

Tyler Hawes: Mr. Steinback

Kayla Flores: Haggquist and T Light

Monika Worcester: Can’t choose – they’ve all impressed upon me enough to be considered for a “best” position…

Natali Baratashvili: Mr. Steinback and Ms. P

Eli Swanson: $waggy Richdaddy, Mrs. $elfdawg

Angel Jones: #freeotty

Levi Thompson: Mr. Afifi and Mr. Haggquist

Arielle Isack: Mr. Bussio and Mrs. Selfridge

Alex Morales: Mr.Steinback and Mr. Powers

Minhee Cho: Honestly, all PGHS teachers are great, but I’d have to say Mrs. Selfridge, Mr. D’amico, and Mr. Powers (Thanks for helping me get that 5 in APUSH!!!) 🙂

Daniela Garza: Mr.Kelly and Madame Olin

Robert Wilkerson: Both D’Amico’s, $waggy Richdaddy, and Mr & Mrs Selfdawg

Caroline Gruber: Daniel Powers and Sally Richmond

Alex Thibeau: Mr. Bussio

David Twohig: Mr. Hoffman, Mr. Afifi, Mr. Rubin, Mrs. D’Amico

Hannah Cox: Larry Haggquist upped my SAT writing score by over 100 points in five months. The D’Amico’s are arguably the best thing to happen to PGHS’s math and science departments. Mrs. Richmond is an idol of mine, and of course Madame Olin has always been my French fairy godmother with an adorable baby


The Worst of Times…


Sam Fenstermaker: Sitting in biology

Cammi Whiteside: The APES field trip to the dump and waste management site

Angus Jansen: This one time I had to dance in front of everybody for decades day at the pride place because I was in leadership. Still really haven’t lived down that embarrassment.

Natalie Castorina: School

Eric Boerner: Not gonna name any names, but a certain teacher’s stinky breakfast in my first period made me want to throw up.

Lorance Dunbar: Math class… I don’t remember anything

Colton Moore: Losing the Shoe Game

Noah Ryan: Breaking my leg In the CCS Championship game.

Rex Russell: Math class at pghs as well as Afifi’s class

Ashley Aguilera: Getting my appendix removed and missing the finals and had to make them up over summer.

Courtney Vogel: First day of school at PGHS

Kacee Takasaki: foods class

Elise Momberger: Sophomore Year

Jack Bergon: Breaking Ben Peakes’ wall

Christina Lucido: Ottmar leaving

Scotlyn Rhyne: The entirety of Junior year.

James Donlon: Shoe game 2015

Tyler Hawes: Tripping at Carmel. Losing the shoe game

Kayla Flores: Getting my first B in Haggquist’s class.

Natali Baratashvili: Breaking my leg, Ottmar not being here for basketball.

Eli Swanson: When Nick T walked by without giving me a fist bump. 🙂

Angel Jones: When Ottmar left 🙁

Arielle Isack: Junior year

Alex Morales: Getting called in for the phhhoto and almost missing CCS

Minhee Cho: Sophomore year

Dani Garza: Losing the shoe game senior year

Robert Wilkerson: Getting berated by Erin Smith, Brooke Fairgarden, and the man himself Tom Bussio during a speech in English

Caroline Gruber: Freshman year.

Alex Thebeau: First day of freshman year with Ms. Griffiths.

David Twohig: Farting during an AP World test

Hannah Cox: When I attempted cross country freshman year and six months of physical therapy ensued.

Douglas Dow: When Rachel Biggio refused my cake.

Julius Yevdash: Telling the Selfridges’ son what his surprise birthday present was on accident.

Rachel Lo: Trying to understand conceptual physics

Kolby Foster: Idk

Rachel Biggio: Crying in front of Mr. Bussio; Hugh Hudson giving me the Heimlich maneuver sophomore year; Halloween Junior Year; grammar final freshman year

Bella Nielson: Anytime at school was the worst

April Ortiz: First two years of high school.

Matthew Padgett: Are you kidding me I’m Padgett all of my memories are good!

Ximena Mendez: Third period, just every third period

Rachel Spung: The past four years.

Christina Lucido: Shoe Game 2015

Apollo Marquez: My worst memory was losing the Shoe senior year

Claire Borges: My entire high-school career.

Nic Boatman: Getting smacked in the eye with an oversized rubber band soon after they removed my appendix from my nonexistent bellybutton.

Paula Rueda: Ottmar’s freshman English class.

Michelle Haugen: finals

Christian Olsen: Doing DBQ’s in Powers’ class that I hadn’t prepared for.

Noah Thanos: When Hugh tried to grow beard.

Emily Muller-Foster: Getting pooped on by a bird while getting jazzy during VAPA week

Rawan Karaki: Junior year!!

Kyra Kennedy: When Monika was making out with Jerry while we were waiting inside for her surprise party

Hugh Hudson: Pre-Cal.

Jake Merenda: When barracuda got blocked

Brendan MacLaren: AP EXAMS!!!!!!!!!


Imagine…What if?


What if Casa V was still an option?

What if our volleyball team was actually good?

What if Korley and Alex…enough said

What if Mr. Powers coached volleyball?

What if people were nice on Ogle?

What if PGHS won the Shoe this year?

What if Jalen Killian took his backpack off every once in awhile?

What if Sam didn’t dress like a frat boy?

What if No Rye didn’t hit on freshmen?

What if I’m really an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who works closely with Nick Fury?

What if Alex didn’t ditch her friends for Monterey people?

What if Nic Boatman never bought a jeep?

What if the white knight actually ran…

What if Natali Baratashvili acted her age?

What if Jake didn’t have a fake injury every season..

What if No Rye didn’t milk his injuries?

What if Angel and Cammi were friends?

What if Tina won most athletic?

What if Tina was nice to people?

What if Tyler Hawes didn’t trip during the Carmel game?

What if Sam Fenstermaker didn’t wear a pocket tee?

What if No Rye didn’t save lives?

What if Colton Moore didn’t think he was the best baseball player ever to live?

What if Megan ate healthy food?

What if the lunch line served edible food?

What if Christina and James won prom king and queen?

What if the freshmen weren’t afraid of Christina?

What if PGPD didn’t shut down the prom after party?

What if Mr. Grate didn’t have a ruler?

What if the bros didn’t watch Naruto everyday?

What if we actually had a leadership teacher?

What if the juniors didn’t think they were seniors?

What if everybody in the senior class didn’t have to be in a relationship at all times?

What if Eli Swanson’s valve on his pocket trump didn’t get stuck during his solo in Lang?

What if Hugh and Arielle dated?

What if the school had a better theater for shows instead of the multi?

What if the music department got equal funding and attention as sports?

What if the senior class had actually been able to organize a ditch day?

What if Apollo didn’t soil his trousers?

What if we still had to go through one more year of high school?

What if Thomas Albert Bussio came back to teach?

What if the RHD and Forest Grove rivalry existed in high school?

What if school didn’t start so early?

What if dances were fun?

What if the APES Classroom didn’t smell?

What if Minhee Cho didn’t have grey hair?

What if Arielle Isack came to school?

What if Tina invited people to HER house?

What if Hugh Hudson didn’t move his hands when he talks?

What if the school installed working wifi?

What if Emily Muller-Foster didn’t have power toes?

What if Julia didn’t yell at everyone?

What if Nic Boatman had a bellybutton?

What if the juniors didn’t have “slumber parties”?

What if Pagoda Club came back to life?

What if Sam and Kyra had boundaries in public?

What if we had hot water in the sinks?

What if Cammi’s birthday party didn’t end so abruptly?

What if Steven hadn’t cut his hair?

What if Noah didn’t like starbucks?

What if Colton and Abby stayed together the first time they got together?

What if Rachel Spung didn’t like horses?

What if the senior class wasn’t so cliquey?

What if Tracy didn’t play along?

What if Bees weren’t dying at an alarming rate?

What if Hugh’s nose wasn’t always bleeding?

What if Levi didn’t support Donald Trump?

What if Rachel’s life wasn’t saved by Hugh?

What if a homeless man didn’t wish Minhee Cho a Happy Chinese New Year?

What if chromebooks actually worked?

What if Alex and Korley didn’t go on a night walk?

What if Kaelene embraced the lifestyle her bottle presents?
What if Jake Smith had a real knee injury?

What if Abby wasn’t so blonde?
What if Alex didn’t get so butthurt?
What if Jake cleaned Jack’s sister’s room?
What if Kaelene wasn’t a copycat?

What if the curtain in student union didn’t break? #Musicalstudentsknow
What if our class wasn’t lazy?
What if college was free?

What if Sam didn’t love the Juniors?
What if I didn’t pass my AP Stats class?
What if Keller didn’t have secret accounts on every social media?

Summer Plans?


Sam Fenstermaker: Going to Europe with all of the bros.

Cammi Whiteside: Travel. Work enough to be able to travel.

Angus Jansen: Find myself.

Julia Spears: Work and party.

Natalie Castorina: Work

Eric Boerner: Watch every Vin Diesel movie at least 4 times.

Lorance Dunbar: Visiting my family in Rio for the 2016 Olympics

Colton Moore: Chill, beach, go to Mexico.

Noah Ryan: Lifeguard

Rex Russell: Wherever the road takes me.

Ashley Aguilera: Getting my referee license for soccer renewed and college.

Courtney Vogel: Play golf and more golf

Kacee Takasaki: Work

Claire Gurries: Going to Peru

Elise Momberger: Work, eat, sleep.

Jack Bergon: Going to Europe with my friends.

Christina Lucido: TU!!!!!

Scotlyn Rhyne: I plan to mainly work and hang out with my friends before I leave. However, my most important part of my plan is to catch up on my t.v. shows.

Tyler Hawes: TURN UP

Kayla Flores: Traveling a lot and visiting my friends from Okinawa.

Monika Worcester: Lithuania! *insert LT flag here*.

Natali Baratashvili: Travel around Europe

Eli Swanson: Go to Nepal, Don’t Get Arrested, Keep All 10 Fingers, Go Back to School.

Levi Thompson: Engineering internship at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Alex Morales: Hangout and TU 😉 hehe

Minhee Cho: Exploring Korea and getting catching up with friends before the fall.

Daniela Garza: Tanning in Hawaii

Robert Wilkerson: Gettin’ dem fat stacks to pay for my college yo

Caroline Gruber: Work to help pay for college because it is ridiculously expensive. #bernie2016

Alex Thibeau: Work, save money, vote for Bernie.

David Twohig: Spend time with my girlfriend, my friends, and my family. Also play lots of music, save money, and get ready for college.

Hannah Cox: Backpacking through Europe, may or may not get hitched to a Frenchman along the way

Douglas Dow: Read Moby Dick, conquer the world; or at least clean my bedroom.

Julius Yevdash: Like work, make money, to pay for college.

Rachel Lo: HSM4

Kolby Foster: Football

Rachel Biggio: Basking in my fleeting youth

Bella Nielson : Spending summer in Washington

April Ortiz: Fall in love and cry

Matthew Padgett: To turn up! What else would there be?

Ximena Mendez: Cancun

Rachel Spung: CHillllll…….and get ice cold

Apollo Marquez: Going to Europe with Uncle Steve’s Bounce House

Claire Borges: Develop amnesia so I never have to think about my time at PGHS ever again.

Nic Boatman: Hawaii, make bank, drive my Jeep.

Paula Rueda: Traveling

Michelle Haugen: RELAX

Christopher Wager: Euro 2k16

Christian Olsen: Driving to Vermont.

Noah Thanos: Working at Mercedes-Benz, getting fit with the illustrious Rachel Biggio, going to Hawaii, road tripping

Emily Muller-Foster: Dojo and getting shiggy wit it

Rawan Karaki: To go visit my family in Lebanon

Kyra Kennedy: Working and traveling

Hugh Hudson: Hoping to not be mugged in Europe

Jake Merenda: Work hard, play hard.

Brendan MacLaren: Travel, perform and spend time with family and friends.

James Donlon: Partying

Kaelene Jensen: Turn 18


Where Will You be in 10 Years?


Sam Fenstermaker: I hope to be living on 17 Mile Drive.

Cammi Whiteside: Bel Air

Angus Jansen: Scotland

Julia Spears: Making money

Natalie Castorina: A billionaire

Eric Boerner: Alive

Lorance Dunbar: Not here

Noah Ryan: Living in Laguna Beach

Rex Russell: Livin’ the good life

Ashley Aguilera: Have a job in the movie making industry!

Courtney Vogel: On the LPGA tour

Kacee Takasaki: On the beach with a brew

Claire Gurries: Married with a major

Elise Momberger: Oregon, as an RN-neontal nurse

Jack Bergon: Married to Lexi Rohrer and owning two cats.

Christina Lucido: Owning 10000 weiner dogs

Scotlyn Rhyne: I really hope to be alive and stable in some way. Also, I hope to have a kitten and a puppy. That would be nice.

James Donlon: A doctor

Tyler Hawes: Gettin gainz and makin dough

Kayla Flores: San Francisco or New York

Monika Worcester: Two cats, a turtleneck, and content!

Natali Baratashvili: A Physical Therapist in San Diego

Eli Swanson: Hopefully on Earth

Levi Thompson: Making bank by making software

Arielle Isack: Traveling the world with an exotic, tasteful lover

Alex Morales: Rich

Minhee Cho: Happy 🙂

Daniela Garza: Married to Justin Bieber and living in Manhattan

Robert Wilkerson: Probably be stuck in the middle of a midlife crisis while I struggle to pay my mortgage, make payments on my car, and watch my bank account numbers spiral down into nothing as I pay back my student loans 🙂

Caroline Gruber: Hopefully not dead or in jail, possibly owning a pug.

Alex Thibeau: Physical Therapist with the Golden State Warriors or the San Francisco Giants.

David Twohig: I hope to have a stable income and live with my girlfriend

Hannah Cox: Somewhere sunny

Douglas Dow: Not in Pacific Grove.

Julius Yevdash: Not back at PG (sorry for the many who have tried to leave but have been sucked back into the whirlpool).

Kolby Foster: Successful

Rachel Biggio: Changing lives, taking names, and wearing expensive shoes.

Bella Nielson: Happy

April Ortiz: Dead or happy

Matthew Padgett: Hopefully Earth

Ximena Mendez: in NYC or any other big city

Rachel Spung: Gettin’ it

Apollo Marquez: I hope to be able to bench more than Mr. D’Amico

Claire Borges: Six feet beneath the surface of the earth.

Nic Boatman: With 100 Jeeps.

Paula Rueda: Cats

Michelle Haugen: On earth at least

Christian Olsen: In a my own house, with a stable job.

Noah Thanos: Swiping a Black Amex, relaxing in a Maybach, and chilling with Nicki Minaj.

Emily Muller-Foster: Mucho dogs

Rawan Karaki: To have become (or almost) a doctor

Kyra Kennedy: Successful and happy

Hugh Hudson: Not dead

Jake Merenda: 10 years older

Brendan MacLaren: In LA or NYC working on a Broadway or film project.