The Mecca of Music

Written by Michelle Lee

PGHS students win cash prizes at local piano competition

by: Michelle Lee

The small town of PG was surely busy during the second week of April. The spring musical, Les Miserables, Good Old Days, and the Next Generation Jazz Festival were all events taking place in Monterey County, just to name a few. Those two days were also busy for some Pacific Grove High School students. Elizabeth Lee, to name one of them. A freshman in the Breaker Band, she marched in the Good Old Days parade on Saturday morning. The next day she surprisingly won first place in her division at the Music Teachers’ Association of California. She was awarded a cash prize of 150 dollars.

I got the privilege of meeting and interviewing her.

  • “How does it feel to win?”
  • “I feel successful.”  
  • “Do you feel like all your hard work paid off?”
  • “Yeah, it did.”
  • “Did you feel overwhelmed previous to the competition?”
  • “A little bit… I just felt really stressed, and had a lot of pressure… I also a parade to march in, and had to support my sister in a concert.”
  • “Are you going to continue playing music in college? If so, what instruments, including your voice, will you play?”
  • “Yes, I will continue to play piano, as well as sing in an acapella group… hopefully.”

Jane Yang, a sophomore, also won second place in her division at the same piano competition. She was awarded 100 dollars.

Elizabeth, although undecided on how to spend her prize money, is considering to save up money to buy her sister a marimba.