Collaboration of the Arts

Written by Michelle Lee

A very exciting and surprising

“Collaboration of the Arts”

By: Michelle Lee


If you didn’t watch the Collaboration of the Arts, hosted by Mr. Haggquist on Friday, you sure missed out on a lot! First, though, I’ve got to say, there are so many talented musicians and poets and cupcake makers at Pacific Grove High School!

On Friday at the Student Union took place the sixth annual Collaboration of the Arts. The collaboration showcased poets, actors, singers, pianists, and of course, the very unexpected… twin marimba players. At the end was a teacher surprise performance, consisting of Mr. Haggquist himself, Mr. Keller, and our very own principal Mr. Matt Bell. Just using three instruments, the piano, guitar, and vocals, they wowed the crowd by singing “Hey Jude” by the Beatles.

Attendees also got a first glimpse of the spring play, Code 79, a student-written play revolving around a family in the post-Korean War era. In a brief scene shown starred Ashley Lyon, Luke Herzog, Abby Stewart, Julius Yevdash, and co-director Maggie Lindenthal-Cox.

The choir also sang the classic tune “Under the Sea” and “Some Nights” by the band FUN.

The two-hour concert exhibiting very gifted students not only boasted some amazing performances, but showed the audience what brilliant people we have at PGHS.