April Fools Day

April Fools Day

Written by Luke Herzog

Today is April Fools Day, and with that comes fun, completely harmless, non-lethal pranks! Here are a few ideas to get you started…


  1. The classic sugar-salt switcheroo. You might ruin a meal, but you’ll get ‘em good.


  1. Buy someone a smoothie, but put the end of the straw in a mustard packet.


  1. Whittle a block of cheese into the shape of a bar of soap. Preferably clean cheese.


  1. Cover the top of a ceiling fan with glitter. Just get out of there before the clean-up.


  1. Tell a friend you’re going to bake them brownies, then come to school with a bunch of ‘E’s cut out of brown construction paper. Conniving and punny!


  1. Put out a bowl of trail mix but replace all the M&Ms with skittles. Ingenious.


  1. Empty and wash out a jar of mayonnaise. Replace mayonnaise with pudding. Screw on top. Casually get out the jar of “mayonnaise” when with friends and nonchalantly consume said mayonnaise. Receive strange looks.


  1. Put bubble wrap under a doormat! Yeah… even I think this one is mediocre.


  1. Acquire a large number of ping pong balls and stuff them into a cabinet. When a family member opens it… Niagara Balls!


  1. Finally — saran wrap a toilet seat. Never goes wrong.


Hope that got the gears spinning! Have a happy April 1st from the PGHS Newsbreaker.