A New Club Growing on Campus

A New Club Growing on Campus

Written by Michelle Lee

 Victory-gardenRecently in the news… the Garden Club has reached  a number of members and

I got a chance to talk with Ms. D’Amico and the members of the garden club.

  • What is the significance of this club?

“To provide students at PGHS the opportunity and experience to grow their own food and flowers…” Ms. D’Amico says

“ Like…beauty objects,” states Julius, a member of the club.

  • What effect will this club have on PGHS? The environment?

Ms. D’Amico states: “Plants are a carbon sink; [the club] increases the amount of plants on campus, [which ultimately would] decrease our carbon footprint.” She also says that the garden club promotes creativity, inspiration and ownership skills for students.

  • Which plants or flowers are you growing/considering to grow?

The club plans to grow sunflowers and region specific crops like radishes, lettuce, spinach, and kale.

Foster Smith, founder of the Garden Club, is interested in the agricultural business, and he likes the idea of growing plants in spaces, like a victory garden.

Do you think it will change the environment of PGHS?

“Yes, I think it will make a classroom setting, as well as a sanctuary for vegetables and flowers.”  


The Garden Club meets on Thursdays, in Ms. D’Amico’s room, D-3, if you still want to join. They are always looking for new members who love to make a change in the agricultural environment at PGHS!