Renaissance Rally


Photo credits to Maggie Lindenthal-Cox

Poetry Out Loud Winner Anthony DiPretoro

Written by Elizabeth Loh

Last month was the Renaissance Rally, an annual rally held in the gym each January and led by Pacific Grove’s own Larry Haggquist. An event that recognizes outstanding students and academic achievement, the Rally also energizes the student body in the third quarter of the school year — arguably the most difficult time for most students. The rally opened with Kayla Flores singing a moving rendition of our national anthem. Then, continuing a long-standing tradition at PGHS, Mr. Haggquist presided over the final round of the school’s Poetry Out Loud competition. Many hopeful students signed up earlier this month and recited poetry at lunch in the C-Wing Theater, putting incredible effort into preparing their poems. The three finalists, Monika Worcester, Anthony DiPretoro, and Parker Staples, recited a poem for each of the two rounds in front of a panel of judges. Anthony DiPretoro, winner of this final round, will proceed on to the county-wide competition, and won a 50 dollar gift card. Between the two rounds of Poetry Out Loud, the Breaker Cheer and Dance teams performed their routines, and the top ten students of each grade were recognized with certificates, as well as the most academically achieving sports teams (Go Girl’s Cross Country and Girl’s Soccer!) and the Mock Trial team. Pacific Grove High has many talented students, and the Renaissance Rally gave many an opportunity to be recognized.