Tears, Intrigue, and Atomic Warfare – Cast List for Code 79

Written by Camden Smithtro

In only a few months the C-Wing theater will be presenting their annual spring play – however this year, with a twist. While the spring play has always featured student actors, and, as of recent, student directors, Spring 2016 marks the first full length student written play to grace C-Wing Theater. Written by junior Camden Smithtro, the play is set in dystopian 1950’s suburban America, in a timeline where the Korean War has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Seven characters – romantic and naive Rosalind, self-centered Bianca, and bitter and damaged Albert, just to name a few – struggle with cultural expectations, deep-set family wounds, and a war looming down upon them. Student directors Maggie Lindenthal-Cox and Lauren Pick held auditions last Wednesday and Thursday, and are excited to announce the cast of the spring 2016 production of Code 79.

Rosalind: Ashley Lyon

Bianca: Maggie Lindenthal-Cox

Jennifer: Abby Stewart

Jasper: Ty Barrett and Julius Yevdash

Tabitha: Kiana Sorenson and Katie Bitter

Albert: Luke Herzog

Doctor Morgan: Zeus Marquez