The Swell on Campus


Photo credits to Noah Thanos

Written by Noah Thanos


Presumably, most everyone has in someway noticed our school’s most recent artistic addition.Over winter break, Wesley Hardin, Mr. Kelly, and I installed the final post of the sculpture Swell –13 concrete-cast fish placed on 8 copper supports, rising in a circular motion towards the sky. In total, the sculpture was devised and constructed over a period of eight months. With help from Lizzy Loh and Nikki Azerang, our team of 5 was able to create a lasting piece of beauty on campus. As seniors, we consider it a gift to a school that has provided us with opportunities many do not have.

From their inception, the fish were to symbolically represent the unity of us Pacific Grove High schoolers, but on a deeper level, remind us to sometimes stray from the path in order to discover who we truly are. Placing value on our friends and family is increasingly important as we gain independence, but as we gain independence, we must reflect, learn, and expand beyond our previous boarders. For generations to come, the fish will remain –a lesson for the students of PGHS.


Edited 2/14/16 to correct the spelling of Mr. Kelly’s name