Class Elections for 2016-2017

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Class Elections for 2016-2017

Written by Lexi Rohrer

Throughout the first week of February, PGHS will be hosting its annual Student Government Elections. This year, however, for the first time non-ASB card holders will be allowed to vote. In past years, only those who had purchased ASB cards had the ability to vote, as the Student Government and it’s activities are largely funded by ASB card purchase sales. However, in recent years this policy has been challenged due to the fact that it excludes a majority of the school from voting. Therefore this year will be the first election where the entire student body has a chance to participate. Following is the list of positions and those running for each position. The contested positions are marked with a **.


Sophomore Class President:
Sophia Levy
Sophomore Class Vice-President:
Lorenz Cushman
Sophomore Class Treasurer:Sophomore Class Secretary:
Danielle Quarles
Junior Class President:
Ashley Lyon
Junior Class Vice-President:
Aliya Chroman
**Junior Class Treasurer:
Jada Ware

Mary Grebing
Junior Class Secretary:
Olivia Hautau

Senior Class President:
Shira Keshner
**Senior Class Vice-President:
Eli Elsico
Om Dev E.  
Senior Class Treasurer
Kinza Pervaiz
Senior Class Secretary
Helena Kurocik
ASB President
Lexi Rohrer
ASB Vice President
Jane Weichert
ASB Treasurer
Takota Fletcher
ASB Secretary
Hannah RB


ASB Press Secretary
Natalia Kaufman   
ASB Commissioners of Publicity
Ally Herrera
ASB Rally Commissioners
Analee Bonanno and Jessica Natale
Lunch-Time Commissioner
Kulaea Tulua
Breaker Man
Connor Jones
Breaker Woman
Jolie Gauvain
Alumni Liaison/ Historian
Jaedyn Silva
Site Improvement Plan LiaisonRenaissance Rally Commissioner
Paola Morales
Fine Arts Commissioner
Katrina Kitayama
Boys Athletic Commissioner
Nick Coppla
Girls Athletic Commissioner
Kayla Fife
Billy the Breaker