Local Musicians and Visual ArtistsRaise Funds for the Youth Arts Collective

Written by Taylor Jones, Press Release


Sound & Vision: A Concert Benefitting the Arts in Monterey County

The Beholder Band

Mozzo Kush

El Camino Sutra

Bernie & The Wolf


Visual art exhibit curated by the Youth Arts Collective


Sunday, December 20, 7:00pm

Wave Street Studios, 774 Wave St., Monterey

$10 Advance, $15 Day of Show


Tickets are available now by contacting:

Matthew Hable (via Gus Madsack Presents): (510) 965-5900[email protected]

Brent Smith: (831) 915-3237[email protected]

Vincent Randazzo: (831) 915-0443[email protected]



Local Musicians and Visual Artists Band Together to Raise Funds for the Youth Arts Collective


Monterey, CA – Gather friends, family, and art enthusiasts for a special event this holiday season. Sound & Vision: A Concert Benefitting the Arts In Monterey County will take place on Dec. 20 at Wave Street Studios (774 Wave St). The audiovisual experience is open to all ages and begins at 7:00pm. Join in celebration of the local arts community and participate in a fundraiser for the Youth Arts Collective (YAC) in Monterey.

The evening will feature live performances from local groups The Beholder Band, Mozzo Kush, El Camino Sutra, and Bernie & The Wolf. All of the bands feature members who have grown up participating in the Monterey County arts scene.

High school and college YAC artists will exhibit their work in the event space, comprising the visual portion of Sound & Vision. The nonprofit organization’s mission is, “to inspire creativity, kindness, and confidence in our youth through artistic expression and mutual respect.” Kyler Mello (Mozzo Kush) and Keith Damron (El Camino Sutra) are both alumni of the Youth Arts Collective. Mozzo Kush offered this collective statement: “we hope to make a meaningful contribution to the arts community that has helped us develop our craft.”

Local music aficionado Vincent Randazzo leads The Beholder Band. The self-proclaimed “orchestral indie folk rock” band is a seven member tornado with an intimacy indicative of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and the calculated intricacies of the modern math and jazz worlds. Shows quickly evolve from a chaotic tuning passage to a conversational soundscape with each of the members unique musical perspectives blending into a singular voice. Brent Smith is a member of both The Beholder Band and Mozzo Kush. Smith owns and operates a recording studio called Sunset Room Productions, where he has recorded local artists including Pipsqueak, Moses Nose and variety of singer-songwriters.

Mozzo Kush features Monterey Jazz Festival and Youth Arts Collective alumni and will celebrate nearly seven years of making music together. Mozzo Kush presents an accessible, yet challenging collection of songs that reflect the different chapters of their musical and personal careers. This event marks their first public appearance since last winter.

El Camino Sutra is 3-piece band from Monterey that plays modern alt/garage rock influenced by classic 70’s and 80’s rock, and are recommended for fans of Neil Young, The Cars, and Dinosaur Jr. They released their second EP, Bloom, in 2014 and are currently writing and recording a follow-up EP due in December 2015 on San Jose-based label SNAFU Family.

Bernie & The Wolf are originally from Seaside, but have since moved to Chicago to pursue their careers. The indie rock due will present smooth grooves and good old-fashioned songwriting. They’re sweet and fun on stage, but they also pack a punch.


            Wave Street Studios (Open everyday 10am6pm)

774 Wave St., Monterey

(831) 655-2010