The Shoe Rally in Photos

Written by Camden Smithtro and Leticia Ferreira

For many, the Shoe Rally is one of the best rallies of the year. With classics such as Tug of War, the Breaker Girls and Cheer Team performances, and “surprise” teacher flash-mobs, the Shoe Rally remains a time-honored tradition and the best way to pump up the entire school for the Shoe Game that night. This year, new suprises such as Kylie Kostner carrying on the “‘Twas the Night Before the Shoe Game” poetry recital, varsity football players Sam Fenstermaker and Brendan McClaren performing a beautiful rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing,” and Mr. Powers leading the school in the “Eeyah- Eeyah Beat Carmel!” chant, only improved on already beloved traditions. Although the sense of victory and excitement could not continue into that night’s game, Leticia Ferreira captured the passion and school spirit during the rally in her photos.