All the details you need to know before this week’s game


Written by Eli Swanson, Editor

“Playoffs? You kiddin’ me?” Pacific Grove has already clinched a share of the MTAL title going into this week’s football game against Carmel, but there are several scenarios that could affect playoff contention. Carmel and Soledad sit tied for second place — each have 5-1 league records — and things get more complicated with Carmel facing off against P.G. this weekend. Keep in mind that the Breakers control their own destiny when it comes to winning the title outright; if P.G. beats Carmel, it will guarantee its place at the summit of the league. The only MTAL games that matter this week in terms of playoff implications are the Carmel/Pacific Grove and Soledad/Greenfield matchups. Here’s how it could play out…

Scenario 1: Pacific Grove beats Carmel, Soledad beats Greenfield.
Outcome: PG wins MTAL outright, Soledad gets second automatic playoff spot, Carmel third.

Scenario 2: Pacific Grove beats Carmel, Greenfield beats Soledad.
Outcome: PG wins MTAL outright, Soledad and Carmel tie for second (Soledad gets second spot on head-to-head tiebreaker)

Scenario 3: Carmel beats Pacific Grove, Soledad beats Greenfield.
Outcome: Pacific Grove, Carmel, and Soledad all win share of MTAL title. (ranking comes down to CCS power points)

Scenario 4: Carmel beats Pacific Grove, Greenfield beats Soledad.
Outcome: Pacific Grove and Carmel share MTAL title. Carmel finishes first, Pacific Grove finishes second.

The new CCS playoff format(see below) is made up of five divisions, three for “A” league teams and two for “B” and “C” league teams. The two automatic qualifiers from the MTAL will be placed in one of the two “B” and “C” divisions. The teams in the lower two divisions cannot qualify for state bowl games. However, the winners of the MTAL and SCCAL will have the option to opt-up into a higher division if they have more CCS power points than the “A” league team with the fewest power points. In this case, the “A” league qualifier will be bumped down into the “B” and “C” divisions.

Keep in mind that only 10 of the 16 teams that will make up the “B” and “C” divisions are automatic qualifiers. The other six teams will be selected from a pool of at-large candidates. This means that whichever team finishes third in the MTAL still has a chance to make the playoffs.

Anyways, from a P.G. perspective it’s simply a win and you’re in scenario.


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