Written by Hannah Dorney


Early Saturday Morning, November 14, the BreakerBots are off to another competition. The competition, Madtown Throwdown, is a new off season event for the Pacific Grove High School’s robotics team.

The challenge of the game is to use the retired 2014 robot used almost two years ago. The game is based on the FIRST Robotics Competition challenge, Aerial Assist, where robots had to fling yoga balls through the air into goals. “We are really excited about the upcoming competition and hope to do just as well as we did in CalGames” said senior Uzo Ebo. In early October, the team made it to playoffs for the first time in their last off-season competition, CalGames. Teams compete in playoffs after playing 7-8 qualification rounds. The team must them be chosen by one of the top 8 teams after qualifiers, who get to pick their partners in the playoffs. Teams  BreakerBots

They are optimistic about Madtown Throwdown and hope to make it to playoffs again and maybe even win.