Welcome Home BreakerBots

Written by Hannah Dorney

On Wednesday September 2nd the robotics team had safety training so they could use the tools in the woodshop on campus. They have finally, fully, moved in as of September 21 after school.

The team had its rookie year in 2014 and has been bounced around ever since. They first worked at Monterey High School with help of the Monterey robotics team, the Robodoros and the Carmel robotics team, the Robo-Rockin’ Bots. It was a great start, but in the winter of 2014 they moved to the P.G. middle school wood shop, where they grew for the year and built their robot for the 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition Challenge called Recycle Rush. For the 2015 challenge the robot was required to pick up totes and/or recycling containers.

This year however they will be building their robot for the new season, starting January 9, on campus. The BreakerBots are excited to finally be home. For the next week they will be preparing for Cal Games, a volunteer run event for off-season robot competitions. On October 2, they will be leaving to compete against other bay area teams.

“The door is open on Mondays and Wednesdays at the P.G. High School Woodshop.” according to Head of Electronics sophomore Zeus M., “So come by if you’re interested and ready to work.”