PG Wins Big Against Carmel

Photo credits to Eric Chang
Varsity Girls Cross Country Team

Written by Sofia Chang

The Breakers Cross Country Team ran their first 1.95 mile home meet against Carmel High School on Thursday, September 17. The first race of the day belonged to the varsity boys at 4 pm. Fourteen boys competed in this race, including seven Breakers. Henry Loh came in second with a time of 10:21. Everett Millette followed in third with a time of 10:28. Jacob Alt, Douglas Dow, and Jacob Hoadley came in fifth, sixth, and seventh with times of 10:34, 10:37, and 10:39. Luca Lauritzen ran a 10:49 in tenth place and Shey Gibson ran an 11:06 in thirteenth place. Overall, varsity boys did a great job and beat Carmel by ten points! Pacific Grove varsity boys earned 23 points, while Carmel varsity boys earned 33 points. In cross country, the lowest score wins.
The next race started at 4:30, which belonged to the varsity girls. Fourteen girls competed in this race, including seven Breakers. Anna Stefanou came in second with a time of 12:55. Lexi Rohrer, Christina Lucido, Mei Bailey, and Kaelene Jensen came in next in a 5, 6, 7, 8 streak. Lexi Rohrer ran a 13:10, Christina Lucido ran a 13:25, Mei Bailey ran a 13:33, and Kaelene Jensen ran a 13:40. Taylor Biondi came in eleventh with a time of 14:03 and Jordi Modisette came in thirteenth with a time of 14:56. Varsity girls competed well and ran a fast race. Still, Breakers were beat by 1 point! The race was close, and sadly Carmel triumphed with a score of 27, beating Pacific Grove’s score of 28.
The next race started at 5:00, which belonged to Junior Varsity. 34 boys ran in Junior Varsity, and 15 of those boys are Breakers. Cameron Reeves, Zach Goodwin, Fiorin Ballerini, and Caelum Kim-Sanders ran a 2, 3, 4, 5 streak in the boys race. Cameron Reeves ran an 11:31, Zach Goodwin ran an 11:36, Fiorin Ballerini ran an 11:40, and Caelum Kim-Sanders ran an 11:50. Mika Tiusansen placed ninth with a time of 12:06, Ian Jeffers-Devere placed fourteenth with a time of 12:43, and Max Afifi placed seventeenth with a time of 13:06. John Zeuthen placed eighteenth with a time of 13:09, Chris Matthews placed twentieth with a time of 13:38, and Parker Olney placed twenty second with a time of 14:22. Hayden Staples placed twenty fifth with a 14:31, Trystan McAtee placed twenty eighth with a 14:44, Mike Paff placed thirtieth with a 15:11, Coleman Taormina placed thirty second with a 15:31, and David Tuffs placed thirty third with a 16:54. Junior varsity boys also did a great job and beat Carmel, with overall team scores being Pacific Grove: 23 and Carmel: 32.
Out of the ten girls who ran Junior Varsity, only three were Breakers. Parker Staples placed fourth with a time of 16:00, Reem Benny placed sixth with a time of 16:20, and Nusheen Sheikhabadi placed tenth with a time of 20:30. Carmel won girls Junior Varsity by default, since Pacific Grove did not have enough runners to make a team.
Pacific Grove Breakers ran a great race against Carmel! The Breakers’ success at this meet shows what a great Cross Country team Pacific Grove has. The next meet is another home meet on Thursday, September 24, against Greenfield. Good luck Breakers and fantastic job at your first home meet!