Upcoming Breaker Band Activities


You know every game in the football season, the spirit days, and the dates of the oh-so-wonderful three-day weekends, but did you know that the Breaker Band has a busy season this year as well?

First, this Friday, September 4, the band will be performing at the first home football game of the season, where it will be playing some of the catchiest tunes of the year, including Rather Be, I Bet My Life, Uptown Funk, and Happy.

The band also plays at the football game of September 18th, with even more catchy songs such as Lips Are Movin’, Bang Bang, and Shake It Off (you’d thought it had gone away, didn’t you).

The band continues its busy schedule the first weekend of October. On Friday, the band will play another football game and the day after, they will be performing the Butterfly Parade where they will play a march as well as a selection of pop songs.

If anything, go for the sousaphone.