Senior Wills

May 19, 2015

I, of Sound Mind and Body…

Zelda Elisco-I leave my parking spot to Eli Elisco and impeccable style to Tati. I leave my Whole Foods lunchbox to Eli Elisco. I leave Leilani my homemade shampoo and deodorant.

Daniela Coatu I leave my seat in the art room to Delphi Myron, I know you’ll use it well. I leave my makeup doing to all the people that are late in the mornings, but still want to look fabulous before class starts. And lastly I leave my procrastination oh, I don’t know, I’ll figure it out later.

Claire Momberger- My AP Government binder, which was anonymously passed down to me, will be bestowed upon the next generation of AP Government students.

Malcolm Gingras– I leave the tennis team (hopefully) to Jack Bergon

Jessica Matthews- I leave my PG bucket hat to Christina Lucido, my old school car to Cammie Whiteside and my cool looking socks to Allie Patton.

Deliah Miller- I leave everything to Rachel. She is queen, bask in the glory of her mane.

Victoria Lopez– I leave my parking space to Morgan Gamecho because she is the best underclassman ever.

Cameron Cuellar– I leave my tackling skills to James Donlon and Noah Ryan. #LB4LIFE

Andi Canto- I have nothing anyone wants.

Jackson Bursch- I leave my swag to Kalani Shen.

Caty Strang- I leave all of my love and Spanish knowledge to Ally Herrera and San Clemente to Mariah Powell♡

John Buttrey- Leaving #3 in football for Apollo.

Laura Merchak I leave all the walnuts in my trail mix to Rachel Biggio, and I leave my birthday to Delphie Myron.

Anthony Ramirez- I leave behind my legacy.

Andrew Steward– I am taking all my things with me, I leave nothing.

Autumn Waznis I leave Dani Garza my school spirit.

Caitlin O’Donnell– I leave the Breaker Girl Dance Team to Baylie Vogelpohl and Kyra Kennedy. I leave my sassiness to Morgan Gamecho and I leave my wonderful art skills to Kylie Koestner.

Olivia Jamison- The Defense Council table I leave to Noah and Wesley as they continue to win, killin’ it next year in Mock Trial.

Carly Tagg – Parking Spot: Savannah Williams. Sassiness: Christina Lucido

Nick Armas- I leave the track team to Douglas Dow, Everett Millette, Zach Goodwin, Henry Loh and Lucas Milar.

Destinee Wavrin- I leave the Cheer Team to Caroline Gruber. I leave my role as a ginger to Helice Eitelgeorge

Tia Del Pozzo I have no belongings. Materialism kills.

Victoria Harris– To Lala Hautau, the wink. To Christina Lucido, bossing around the underclassmen.

Sophie Lowell- I leave my bad mouth to Christina Lucido, I leave my booty to Tati, I leave my sports to Abby, and I leave my cheerleading skills to Josie Morgan.

I will the viola section to Henry Loh.”

— Veronique Benard

Mackenzie Bell–  I leave my parking spot to Jessica Natale.

Rebecca Cooper- I leave the alto section to Helice Eitelgeorge, my charming personality and good looks to Arielle Isack and all the cats in the world to Ty Barrett.

Michelle Watkins- Girls Cross Country team to Christina, Lexi and Kaelene. Track distance squad goes to Douglas and E-Money.

Madison Rutberg I leave my parking spot to whoever wants it and any of my binders to Julia Spears or Taylor Lankau.

Chris Fife–  I leave the baseball infield to James Donlon and Colton Moore.

Emma Puckett– Nothing to leave.

I leave my rapping career to Mareta and Allie”

— Elena Doss

Emma Bergone- I leave Tati Rolph all my binders. I leave Jack Bergon my car and parking spot.

Melissa Radler– I leave Tati my parking spot

Sam Balali I leave my political influence to Brenden MacLaren. I leave my -moun privileges to Ty Barrett.

Marshall Goldman- I leave Kyra Kennedy my parking spot and Hannah Renner-Bennett my habit of always eating in leadership.

Kim Sollecito- I leave everything to Rachel Spungerz and Emememily K Mullet-Foster. May your last year be fruitful. Godspeed.

Kathy Valdivia– Have Caroline Gruber carry on the cheer team spirit, leave Minhee Cho the confidence I have with soccer. Have Kylie Koestner continue the LAX team with girls on the boy’s team. Lastly have Monika continue the “Pine Cone” tradition for the track team.

Megan Backs– My will would be a notebook.

Brittany Shaver- I leave the cheerleading team to Caroline Gruber. Go Grubes!

Alex Villacres- I leave my charm and dashing good looks to T-rev and Max. Angus – take over Leadership.

Taylor Rhoades- I leave my winged eye-liner techniques to Magge LC, my enlarger in the darkroom to Brennen, my undying love for the Phantom of the Opera to Arielle Isack, and my title as Best Dancer at St. Bernadette’s to Ty.

Anthony Coppla – I leave my parking space to Trevor Moore to park his crawler #superswampergang

Maya Sritharan- I leave my cynicism to Delphie Myron, my sass to Maggie Lindenthal-Cox, my title of “Best Ginger” to Alex Thibeau, and my motherly love to Zeus Marquez.

Lela Hautau – I leave the school to Rachel Biggio. Get some curtains.

Jeremy Jenanyan – I leave nothing to no one.

George Haugen- Should Lord Hoffman approve, I hereby relinquish the trumpet section to Lil’ Choi until David David Twohig Twohig changes his name on Facebook and/or passes his scales test. First doubles goes to Gucci Turtle.

Jason Leach– I leave the football team to James Donlon, the lacrosse team to Kane and Calvin, and my parking spot to Kaelene.

Renzon Morata – I leave the “Seaside” chant to Apollo, my jersey to Guaras and the air balled 3’s to

Lila Afifi- I leave my Twilight Zone Rocket Ship to Rachel Biggio.

Jin Kim- I leave my singing talents to Brendan and Ty because they need it.

Dashiell Stokes- I leave the soccer team to Ben Peakes.

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