May 19, 2015

Summer Plans

Zelda Elisco- Traveling and spending time with family outdoors! I am going to Tuluum, Mexico! Wahoo!

Daniela Coatu Crying because high school is over. Don’t worry, they will be happy tears.

Hayley Oliver– Working at my favorite place on earth, maybe some traveling

Claire Momberger– Becoming a professional barista.

Karina Pacheco – I will sadly be working, but I also will go to Tahoe and Disneyland.

Malcolm Gingras– Going to orientation.

Jessica Matthews- Traveling as much as I can and playing basketball.

Deliah Miller– Working, traveling , and hopefully gaining some sort of idea of what direction I want to go in. Also rejoicing over the fact I’m finally done with high school.

Victoria Lopez– Going on trips to cool places with SQUAD. Tanning in the sun in San Luis Obispo with my boyfriend.

Cameron Cuellar- Cruise, camping with friends. I also plan on visiting one of my best friends, Chris Fife at Long Beach and having some college fun.

Andi Canto-Turning 18, working, and getting ready for college. Exciting. I know.

Jackson Bursch- Chillin’ in the wild.

Caty Strang– Tahoe, adventuring, Disneyland with bae, Southern California and dorm room shopping with Monika, duh.

Emma Teering- Backpacking my life away.

John Buttrey– Traveling and enjoying life.

Laura Merchak- Doing cool science stuff at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Tyler Hallock– Taking a road trip to Chicago with my grandparents.

Anthony Ramirez- Surfing.

Andrew Steward– Probably getting a job and playing baseball.

Autumn Waznis T.U.

Caitlin O’Donnell– I am planning to work and save up money and enjoy my last summer before I start college.

Carly Tagg– Traveling and possibly Outsidelands.

Emily Czaplak TU!!! Ayyyeee. Beach, travel, eat.

Nick Armas- Going to Hawaii with my friends and running collegiate track and field.

Destinee Wavrin– I am enjoying time with my little siblings before I leave.

Noa Umbaugh– Working and traveling.

Tia Del Pozzo Working, traveling, deciding where to live.

Sophie Lowell– Tanning if I don’t burn, Probably stressing about college and hanging out with friends.

Veronique Benard– Heading to Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Monika Massey– Going to Greece for a month with my boyfriend, Garrett Mungridis.

Mackenzie Bell– Basketball workouts to condition myself for college basketball and going on trips with my family.

Rebecca Cooper– Watching The Office at Maggie’s house.

Lakyn Marciano– Enjoying my first summer of freedom, then packing up for San Diego (Fingers crossed!)

Madison Rutberg-Going to Cabo with my family, and  Michigan to visit some family. Also, spending as much time with my friends as possible.

Chris Fife- Baseball

Emma Puckett– Going to Cabo and North Carolina.

Alfredo Vargas- I am going to Mexico, chilling around, maybe work and hangout with my friends and family.

Elena Doss- Netflix, road trips with the crew, and enjoying my last few weeks before Ecuador.

Emma Bergon Backpacking Europe.

Melissa Radler- Traveling Europe.

Sam Balali Hibernating.

Marshall Goldman– Working, Hopefully.

Kim Sollecito- Going to England.

Kathy Valdivia– Making music and having fun.

Megan Backs- I am going to be working and hanging out with my wonderful best friends.

Brittany Shaver– Watching my little brother and trying to make my summer before college count. Also hanging out with Desi before she leaves for NY.

Alex Villacres- Traveling

Taylor Rhoades- Performing in one last show with all my friends, and sleeping.

Anthony Coppla- Training for baseball, going to Florida to visit family, hanging out with friends, hunting and fishing

Lela Hautau- Going on a mission trip with my church youth group and I’m going to be a bridesmaid

Jeremy Jenanyan– Hanging out with friends and hopefully traveling

George Haugen- Chillin wid da homies

Jason Leach– Training for college football

Renzon Morata– Going to LA or San Francisco. If not, probably just relax.

Lila Afifi-  Traveling

Marina Nakhla– I have no idea

Cassie Guderski-Camping and backpacking through Europe

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