May 19, 2015

Where Do You See Yourself in Ten Years?

Zelda Elisco- Earning a degree in Environmental Studies and studying abroad. Also, having traveled to Bali, Thailand, Greece and Europe.

Still 5’2. Let’s face it, I’m done growing.”

— Daniela Coatu

Michaela McCloud- Living in a beach house with a white cat named Whiskey.

Karina Pacheco – Working with special needs children or as a sign language teacher.  I hope to also be living in Oregon and starting a family.

Hayley Oliver- Owning my own business and doing something awesome (maybe making robots?).

Claire Momberger – I see myself as a successful Hydrologist helping provide water for the future of the world. I will also be madly in love with my husband, a mom, and relaxing in my vacation home in Kona, Hawaii.

Malcolm Gringras- Dishin’ out justice and making a better country for your kids.

Jessica Matthews- Hopefully coaching basketball at any level.

Deliah Miller- Hopefully in a career I enjoy, living in New York City and not being a mess.

Victoria Lopez– I plan on living in San Diego with Noah. I will be pursuing my career in crime scene investigation. Being neighbors with Tori and John.

Cameron Cuellar- I see myself a graduate from college with a steady job and hopefully a beautiful girlfriend or wife.

Andi Canto – Maybe a little taller, maybe a little more out-going and maybe a little bit richer. In all realness, though, probably just trying to pay off my student loans.

Jackson Bursch- Tan, hot and rich.

Caty Strang– Married to a hunky cop, cuddling with my 1,872,467 puppies, saving lives and whatnot.

Emma Teering-Having enough money to eat whatever I want.

John Buttrey- San Diego with the crew.

Laura Merchak– Working as a Disney Imagineer.

Tyler Hallock– Having a house, a family and a dog.

Anthony Ramirez- Rackin’ in the bank, good job.

Andrew Steward- Making a lot of money and living a great lifestyle.

Autumn Waznis Rich, famous and married to a cowboy with a golden retriever and being a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.

Caitlin O’Donnell- I see myself having a successful job, living comfortably, married, and living next door to my two best friends.

Olivia Jamison- Rich, hot and happy.

Carly Tagg- Being a nurse and starting a family.– Being a nurse and starting a family.

Emily CzaplakLiving in a mansion with a hot husband and 3 kids

I’ll let you know in 10 years”

— Nick Armas

Destinee Wavrin- I see myself graduated from college and working in professional theater.

Noa Umbaugh- With a stable job, finished with school and enjoying life to its fullest.

Tia Del Pozzo– Done with college, in my own home, doing what I love and I’m incandescently happy.

Sophie Lowell- I see myself either teaching or counseling young children. Hopefully married and having children.

Veronique Benard– Sipping a margarita on a private beach in Rio celebrating my graduation from medical school

Monika Massey- living in a house in Big Sur married to my special snazzy business man, opening up my own Pediatric Occupational Therapy Center. Oh, and don’t forget about my chow chow puppy and pet cow.

Mackenzie Bell- In ten years I see myself graduated from college and have a job as a physical therapist.

Rebecca Cooper- Teaching history at a public high school and starting a feminist uprising.

Lakyn Marciano– In ten years I hope to be living Oceanside in the south working as an investigator and finally driving a truck.

Jadon Phillip- Probably about 27

Madison Rutberg– Married with two kids living down in the Los Angeles area.

Chris Fife– Making millions doing what I love and surrounded by the people I love.

Emma Puckett– Married and working

Elena Doss– Winning

Emma Bergon– Working at a hospital and living in a big city.

Melissa Radler– In the FBI

Sam Balali Somewhere wondering where I’ll be in ten years.

Marshall Goldman– Working at Robert Down Elementary school as a kindergarten teacher.

Kim Sollecito- Sitting on the floor of some restaurant.

Kathy Valdivia- Living life!

Megan Backs- I see myself traveling and working for a fun and great career and having a cup of tea.

Brittany Shaver- I will be an athletic trainer in the NFL.

Alex Villacres- Doing what I love.

Taylor Rhoades- Living in a big city in a studio apartment with a cat for a pet and performing professionally.

Anthony Coppla Graduated from college, having a successful job, a smokin’ hot wife, a bulldog, a nice house, a badass truck and pro hog hunting.

Lela Hautau- Married with twins on the way.

Maya Sritharan– In prison, probably.

Konner Coleman- In a mirror.

Jeremy Jenanyan– Either a lawyer or possibly working in law enforcement.

George Haugen– Doing cool stuff with cool people with cool things.

Jason Leach– With a successful job, happy marriage, and hopefully still playing football.

Renzon Morata – Doesn’t matter. As long as I’m happy, but Hawaii would be nice.

Rutger Sperry- Mansions, Malibu and Lambos..

Lila Afifi– 10 years closer to death.

Jin Kim– Shoe-la-la: A Men’s Shoe Store.

Cassie Guderski Curing HIV/ AIDS in Africa.

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