Wish I Would’ve…

May 19, 2015


Zelda Elisco- Participated in swim and taken leadership earlier in high school. I wish I would have made it past the 9 lbs. weights in P.E.

Daniela Coatu Performed more so people could hear my voice.

Karina Pacheco – Gotten involved more with school activities, and I wish I signed up for Leadership

Michaela McCloud– Branched out of my comfort zone.

Hayley Oliver- Gotten more involved in school spirit stuff and senior activities.

Claire Momberger- Participated in Student Voices.

Malcolm Gingras– Started drama and Mock Trial sooner and stayed with drama.

Jessica Matthews- Worried less about my grades and partied more.

Deliah Miller- Taken school more seriously and involved myself more.

Victoria Lopez- Played more sports throughout my high school career.

Met more people outside of PG High. I also wish I wrestled.”

— Cameron Cuellar

Andi Canto- Been less shy and actually participated in sports and activities I like and talked to more people.

Jackson Bursch- Done cross country and swimming all four years .

Caty Strang– Not voted Zelda for most friend lists.

John Buttrey- Created a badminton team.

Laura Merchak Been able to swim my senior year.

Tyler Hallock- Played basketball my senior year.

Anthony Ramirez- Played basketball senior year.

Andrew Steward- Gotten more A’s on my report card.

Autumn Waznis Confessed my love for Steinbeck and been in Leadership all four years.

Caitlin O’Donnell- Started taking drama my freshman year and took AP classes.

Carly Tagg- Participated in more lunch time activities.

Emily Czaplak Tried harder in school, been in Leadership for all four years, played powder-puff freshman, sophomore and junior years.

Nick Armas- Not taken foods class senior year and played on the soccer team.

Destinee Wavrin- Done Powder-Puff.

Noa Umbaugh- Had the knowledge I now have during the past years.

Tia Del Pozzo– Played soccer

Victoria Harris- Been more involved in school activities.

Sophie Lowell- Taken harder classes and worked harder in my classes my freshman year.

Veronique Benard- Had a free seventh

Monika Massey- Told the girl with the red Mini-Cooper to stop taking my parking spot.

Mackenzie Bell- Joined swimming or the track team and done powder-puff every year.

Rebecca Cooper- Come out sooner.

Lakyn Marciano- Figured out my true friends sooner and stuck with volleyball for my senior year.

Madison Rutberg- Gotten better grades

Taken more chances”

— Chris Fife

Emma Puckett- Played volleyball all 4 years.

Alfredo Vargas-Participated in school spirit days and participated in the swim team .

Elena Doss- Driven my Mo-Ped to class like in Zoey 101.

Emma Bergon Played soccer.

Sam Balali No regrets

Marshall Goldman– Been in Leadership all four years, played multiple sports, not cared so much about what others thought of me.

Kim Sollecito– Become cool earlier.

Joined the wrestling team.”

— Kathy Valdivia

Megan Backs- Tried out for the swim team.

Brittany Shaver– Had a boyfriend.

Alex Villacres- Participated in more school sports.

Taylor Rhoades- Started taking tap earlier and slept my freshmen year.

Anthony Coppla-Worked harder to get better grades

Lela Hautau- Been a cheerleader

Maya Sritharan- Challenged Mr.Haggquist to a duel.

Konner Coleman- Moved to PG Sooner.

Jeremy Jenanyan– Played football and joined leadership senior year.

George Haugen- #NoRegrets

Jason Leach- Balled out my freshman year and pursued my interest in underwater basket-


Rutger Sperry- Dropped out

Lila Afifi-Taken drama senior year

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