Favorite Class and Favorite Teacher

May 19, 2015

Breaker Faves

Zelda Elisco– Art and Mr.Kelly, Mr.D’Amico and Mr. Ottmar

Daniela Coatu- Mr. Morgan, Mr. Rubin, Mrs. Gordon, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Mein, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Powers, Mr.Afifi and Ms. Tonkin

Hayley Oliver- Fred Rubin. Thank you for everything Mr. Rubin.

Karina Pacheco – My favorite class was Anatomy with Mr. Rubin.  I loved learning about the body and getting to dissect pigs and seeing how similar our bodies are to the pig’s. Also, Mr. Rubin is just a great teacher.

Claire Momberger– Spanish two with Senora Johnson

Malcolm Gingras- Mrs.Selfridge – all day, every day, forever.

Jessica Matthews-

Math with Mr. Selfridge and World History with Mr. Grate”

— Jessica Matthews

Deliah Miller- Photo one, two and three, and Mr. Rubin!!

Victoria Lopez– Mrs. Gordon. She is the reason I really enjoy English class. She is an amazing teacher and I was lucky to have her for two great years!

Cameron Cuellar– Mr. Steinbeck and computers class.

Andi Canto- Mr.Haggquist Psychology and Mr.Powers U.S. History. Their humor and personality crack me up.

Caty Strang– Ms. Griffiths and Mr. & Mrs. Selfridge

Emma Teering– Free 7th was pretty chill.

John Buttrey– Freshman P.E. with Ms. O’Donnell

Laura Merchak- Drama with Mr.Bussio, Mrs.Selfridge, Mr.Powers, the D’Amico’s, Madame Olin and Mr.Afifi

Tyler Hallock- Mrs. O’Donnell

Anthony Ramirez- Mrs. Gordon for teacher, Foods for class and Mr. Rubin is pretty funny too.

Andrew Steward- My Economics and Government classes with  Mr. Steinbeck

Autumn Waznis Art class and Mr. Steinbeck

Caitlin O’Donnell- Drama class with Ms.Griffiths, Mr. Rubin and Mr. Kelly

Carly Tagg- Mr.Kelly, Mr.Powers, Mrs. Gordon and Mr. Steinbeck

Emily Czaplak Foods class with Mrs. Erickson

Nick Armas- Geometry with Mr. Light

Destinee Wavrin-U.S. History with Mr. Powers, World History with Mr. Grate and Algebra Two with Mr. Rubin #bestfriend

Noa Umbaugh- Anatomy with Mr. Rubin

Tia Del Pozzo Economics with Mr. Steinbeck. Much love

Victoria Harris- Mrs. Erickson

Sophie Lowell– French with Madame Olin

Veronique Benard– Ms.Griffiths

Mackenzie Bell- Sports Medicine with Dr.Payan

Rebecca Cooper- Drama and AP Government with Ms.Griffiths

Lakyn Marciano- Mr. D’Amico and Mr. Light

Michelle Watkins- Mrs. D’Amico

Jadon Phillip- Karinne Gordon and Sir Isaac Rubin

Madison Rutberg- Algebra with Mrs. Lemmon and Senior Rubin

Chris Fife- Mr. Steinbeck

Emma Puckett- U.S. History with Mr.Powers, Mr. Grate, Mr. Steinbeck, and Mrs. Lemmon

Alfredo Vargas- World History and U.S. History with Mr. Morgan

Elena Doss- Junior Rubin, Mrs.Selfridge, Mr. Kelly, Mr. & Mrs. Erickson and Senora Buller

Emma Bergon Bussio!!!

Melissa Radler– Art class and Mr.Afifi

Sam Balali– Mr. Rubin for his pure soul, Mr.Haggquist for putting up with my BS, and Mrs.Selfridge for not taking my BS

Mr. Rubin for his pure soul, Mr.Haggquist for putting up with my BS, and Mrs.Selfridge for not taking my BS”

— Sam Balali

Marshall Goldman- Mrs. Gordon

Kim Sollecito- Mrs.Mello, Mr. Steinbeck, Mr. Morgan , Mrs. Gordon and Mr. Kelly

Kathy Valdivia- Drama class with Ms.Griffiths

Megan Backs- Math class with Mr. Selfridge

Brittany Shaver- Danny Pow Pow

Alex Villacres- Fred Rubin

Taylor Rhoades- Any class with Ms.Griffiths and Mrs.Selfridge, Photo with Mr. Sconduto, Mr. Powers, and Sean and Michelle Boulware (even though they are technically “club advisers”).

Anthony Coppla Mrs.Selfridge English 3 and Mr. Morgan US History

Lela Hautau- Mrs. Gordon

Maya Sritharan– Everything involving Ms Griffiths.

Konner Coleman- Mr. D’Amico

Jeremy Jenanyan- AP Psychology and Mr.Powers

George Haugen- Senor Grate, Danny Pow, and Larry

Jason Leach- DJ Gordy-Gor, Special – K, Karinne Flakes

Renzon Morata U.S. History with Mr.Powers, Foods with Mrs.Shue and Spanish with Senora Buller

Rutger Sperry- Justus Grate

Lila Afifi- AP Government with Ms.Griffiths

Jin Kim-Mr.Powers, Ms.Griffiths, Mr. D’Amico and Mr. Kostyshak

Marina Nakhla– Mr. Steinbeck

Dashiell Stokes– Mr. Steinback, Mrs. Gordon, Mrs.Selfridge, Mr. Hoffman and Mrs. O’Donnell

Cassie Guderski– Mr. Morgan

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