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May 19, 2015

Where Are You Going To Be Next Year?

Zelda Elisco- Hopefully at a college I love!

Daniela Coatu MPC!

Karina Pacheco – I will be at MPC

Michaela McCloud- Next year I will be in South America working in an orphanage. The year after that I plan to attend Seattle University or the University of San Francisco.

Hayley Oliver- Next year I will be in college or working and trying to start my own business.

Next year, I will be attending Baylor University in Waco, Texas, studying the environment.”

— Claire Momberger

Malcolm Gingras- Running ‘round crazy at college, and by “running ‘round crazy” I mean sitting in my dorm, crying over my mandatory reading.

Jessica Matthews- Cornell College to play basketball.

Deliah Miller- Attending MPC and hopefully figuring out what I want to do with my life.

Victoria Lopez– I plan on living in San Luis Obispo and going to Cuesta College with Noah and Caitlin.

Cameron Cuellar-Attending MPC. #LOBOLife

Andi Canto– Sonoma State University, studying psychology.

Jackson Bursch- California State Long Beach

Caty Strang- Studying nursing at Chico State with my bud/roommate Monika

Emma Teering Gap year in Portugal

John Buttrey- The Monterey Peninsula College

Anthony Ramirez- MPC

Tyler Hallock-MPC

Anthony Ramirez-MPC

Andrew Steward-MPC

Autumn Waznis  San Antonio College, Texas

Caitlin O’Donnell- Living in San Luis Obispo and going to Cuesta studying to be a nurse and working on becoming an actress. I will also be going to college with Victoria Lopez.

Olivia Jamison- Attending University of Oregon

Carly Tagg- Community College, San Diego

Emily Czaplak San Diego

Nick Armas- San Jose State University College of Engineering or MPC

Destinee Wavrin– New York at AMDA

Noa Umbaugh- Sonoma State University. Go Seawolves!

Tia Del Pozzo– I’m going to explore the world.

Victoria Harris- San Diego Christian College

Sophie Lowell- College

Monika Massey– Chico State. Go Wildcats!

Mackenzie Bell-

University of La Verne majoring in athletic training”

— Mackenize Bell

Rebecca Cooper- Studying History at UOP

Lakyn Marciano- Hopefully San Diego State University studying Criminal Justice and Art

Michelle Watkins- Chico State

Jadon Phillip- Chico State

Madison Rutberg- CSU Channel Islands

Chris Fife- Long Beach State University

Emma Puckett- probably working and going to a CC

Alfredo Vargas-MPC

Elena Doss- Doing my Global Citizen Year fellowship in Ecuador.

Emma Bergon-Lewis and Clark College

Melissa Radler– Sonoma State University

Sam Balali MPC

Marshall Goldman- CSU Channel Islands

Kim Sollecito- You tell me.

Kathy Valdivia- MPC

Megan Backs– Sonoma State University

Brittany Shaver- MPC

Alex Villacres– Traveling

Taylor Rhoades-In college, tap dancing and singing up a storm.

Anthony CopplaPlaying baseball at CSUMB

Lela Hautau- Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas

Maya Sritharan– In prison, probably.

Jeremy Jenanyan MPC or Sac state

Konner Coleman – In a mirror

George Haugen– Texas? San Diego? Who knows – the world is my oyster.

Jason Leach- Playing football and lacrosse in college.

Renzon Moratao- Living the Lobo Life

Lila Afifi- College

Cassie Guderski- Hopefully at HSU

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