What If?

May 19, 2015

Just imagine….

What if Zelda shaved her armpits?

What if Carly wasn’t sassy?

What if I never came to PG?

What if the arts were supported/funded as much as sports?

What if we were suddenly allowed to eat in the library?

What if Caitlin O’Donnell and I weren’t placed in the same reading group in third grade?

What if we had a school wide laser-tag game?

What if we sold coffee in the cafeteria?

What if we actually spoke our minds and kept no secrets?

What if every girl wasn’t obsessed with Steiny?

What if SQUAD 4ever was not created?

What if I could actually shop for shoes out of the kid’s section?

What if Mr.Haggquist didn’t always have a guitar handy?

What if Keller wasn’t overly strict?

What if Zelda wasn’t so mean/sassy?

What if Madi didn’t almost kill me while driving?

What if Emma’s minivan wasn’t the best looking car on campus?

What if Barbara stayed?

What if Mrs.Selfridge couldn’t say “Um”?

What if Mrs. Martinez never left?

What if I finished?

What if Mr.Keller wasn’t VP?

What if Mr.Steinback wasn’t married?

What if Zelda shaved her legs?

What if I had never met Michaela McCloud or Megan Backs?

What if “Girl Power” never happened?

What if Caitlin O’Donnell, Marshall Goldman, Kim Sollecito, Olivia Jamison and Michelle

Watkins didn’t have Mr. Morgan’s 6th period US History class together?

What if Lela wasn’t Tongan?

What if Madi didn’t think she was Kylie Jenner?

What if Zelda didn’t eat bird food?”

What if Chris wasn’t cocky?

What if Nathan didn’t wear a white shirt every day?

What if Elena didn’t have a Texan accent?

What if I wasn’t a ginger?

What if nobody wore clothes to school?

What if I’d taken art all four year? I’d be a happier camper.

What if John and Apollo didn’t have a handshake?

What if Cassie was mainstream?

What if Jessica didn’t play basketball?

What if Griff actually retired?

What if Kendra didn’t play volleyball?

What if Josette Marsh never left?

What if Becky Cooper was a Republican?

What if Ottmar put in grades?

What if spouses couldn’t both work at the school?

What if no one switched to Community High School?

What if Cassie never set me up with Jadon?

What if Nick Matthews stayed through high school?

What if Myrna Kalini actually went to class?

What if Cameron was tall?

What if Carly didn’t stress about everything?

What if Lakyn was from New York?

What if the seniors had control of the entire school for one day?

What if Nick Armas actually showed up to school on the day of the test?

What if the dance team only had one coach?

What if we had stairs instead of the hill from the parking lot?

What if Caty didn’t’ threaten me every day?

Whatif Autumn didn’t wear makeup?

What if we could all fly?

What if Destinee wasn’t a ginger?

What if Jason wasn’t fast?

What if I played sports instead of acting?

What if I didn’t have an Instagram?

What if none of us did our eyebrows?

What if Mr.Powers became President?”

What if Josh wasn’t tall?

What if Marshall wasn’t short?

What if Daniel Jiang showed emotion?

What if Jason never went to Arizona?

What if Merna actually showed up to school?

What if Zayn never left One Direction?

What if I didn’t fail every math test I took?

What if MPC didn’t exist

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