Worst Memory

May 19, 2015

The Worst of Times…

Zelda Elisco- Mr. Grate’s World History class, running the mile in P.E in 9 minutes. When I discovered that my foundation was four shades too dark for my face freshman year. Also, during freshman year.

Daniela Coatu If I had a few years, I’d tell you.

Michaela McCloud– Falling down the hill in my new white jeans.

Karina Pacheco –  When I slipped and fell on my face in front of half the class.  Everyone was laughing at me, but it is funny now that I look back at it.

Claire Momberger- The spring of freshman year as a whole.

Malcolm Gingras– Letting myself screw up Junior year.

Jessica Matthews- Having to be picked up by Staci at the Aquarium early because Sophie, John, Josh and I “ditched class.”

Deliah Miller- Having to go to first period every morning my senior year, sophomore year…just no.

Cameron Cuellar- My worst memory is when I got suspended sophomore year and missed the last two weeks of school.

Andi Canto- Slipping on a gum wrapper while cheering at my first football game.

Jackson Bursch- Finals junior year

Caty Strang- New Years 2014 in Zelda’s car, being the first kill in assassins.

Emma Teering Coming to school with my pants on inside out, realizing my mistake, but then not really caring enough to change them.

Laura Merchak Being sunburned for my freshman year yearbook picture.

Hayley Oliver- Mrs. Selfridge’s death look when I’m late for class.

Anthony Ramirez- Losing semi-finals against Monte Vista.

Jin Kim- Encountering a live crab.

Andrew Steward- Taking calculus.

Autumn Waznis- Every time we lost to Carmel, New Years 2014.

Caitlin O’Donnell- Losing contact with some really important people in my life. On a funnier note, another worst memory was tripping over a ramp and falling flat on my face at the tailgate in front of everyone.

Olivia Jamison- Kicking over the heater in Mrs. D’Amico’s room.

Emily Czaplak– New Years 2014, shoulder surgery.

Nick Armas- Taking physics in high school.

Destinee Wavrin- Studying for finals!

Carly Tagg-  Getting pulled over three times in one day in Alex’s car with Sam Stauffer.

Noa Umbaugh– Sitting in Ms. Martinez and Keller’s office…over and over again.

Tia Delpozzo  Finals. Every year.

Sophie Lowell-  Freshman year!

Veronique Benard– Junior year!

Mackenzie Bell-  Taking finals.

Rebecca Cooper– Gender Bender day.

Lakyn Marciano-  My worst memory would be injuring my hand (again) at the final powder-puff practice then not being able to play my senior game! ( And yes, we won in spirit.)

Michelle Watkins– Calculus.

Jadon Phillip-  When Mr. Grate caught Anthony with the binder I gave him and came and talked to me in the weight room.

Madison Rutberg- When we lost the Shoe Game last year.

Emma Puckett–  When Carly thought there was a bee in Emily’s hair.

Alfredo Vargas– When I had to read a paragraph in history and I said “no I can’t read in English.”

Elena Doss- Typing the senior newspaper.

Emma Bergon Freshman year Shoe Game in the pouring rain.

Melissa Radler- Freshman year Shoe Game, dancing in the pouring rain and losing the game.

Sam Balali When I got assassinated by Carly Tagg. All of 9th grade.

Kim Sollecito-  Where do I begin…

Kathy Valdivia- Finals.

Megan Backs– When I got hit by a water balloon my freshman year.

Brittany Shaver- When I was cheering in a routine I totally ate it.

Alex Villacres- Losing the Golden Ball in soccer.

Taylor Rhoades- Legally Blonde, applying to college, March freshman year, Haggquist School Musical, and Mr.Haggquist giving me an 8.5 on my essay because he wasn’t in the mood to give a 9.

Anthony CopplaLosing to Carmel my junior year at the Shoe Game.

Maya Sritharan Legally Blonde, the time I had to be a dying seagull onstage, every time Jin started singing Freddie Mercury songs in class.

Konner Coleman– Jin.

Jeremy Jenanyan- Math

Jason Leach– Freshmen year P.E., and when Chris Fife pantsed me in the dance room.

Renzon Morata– Air balling the game on my birthday


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