Breaker “Bye”-lines…

The Seniors of 2015 Look Back on #breakerlife...

May 19, 2015

The Best of Times…

Zelda Elisco – Performing Sunday Morning and Somewhere Over the Rainbow with Lela Hautau at Student Voices.

Karina Pacheco – I don’t have just one good memory, but sports, dances and meeting my friends are the best memories I have.

Daniela Coatu – My favorite memory from high school is every time someone made me laugh or smile.

Michaela McCloud– All of my memories involve my friends. I have been lucky enough to have the same group of friends since elementary school.

Hayley Oliver Prom 2014 and Robotics competitions.

Claire Momberger– Watching the crab walking across the APES classroom with a trail of its babies behind it, and seeing Jin Kim’s reaction.

Malcolm Gingras– Realizing there actually is such a thing as a soul mate and knowing I made a difference in their life.

Jessica Matthews– Winning MTAL for basketball, winning the Shoe back, and breaking Carmel’s bleachers.

Deliah Miller– Screaming and laughing at the weirdest things in study hall and sleeping under the tables.

Victoria Lopez – Having Noah Sampaolo ask me to be his girlfriend at Winter Ball junior year,creating SQUAD, and hanging out with Caitlin, Zelda, Michaela, and Melissa during sophomore year.

Cameron Cuellar – My best memory would be becoming undefeated MTAL champs all three years in football and beating Carmel #35-28.

Andi Canto – Any of Mrs. Selfridge’s sass or Mr. Powers’ humor.

Jackson Bursch – I can’t remember the good ones.

Caty Strang – Shoe Game 2015, meeting Gabe Rose, HTT w/ Madi and Kendra, Driving down tothe Sur, SPLASH  ZONE 2014 football season, New Years 2015, Lee Brice and Jake Owen,Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney.

Emma Teering – That day freshman year when Mrs. Long gave us food during class.

John Buttrey – Noah Sampaolo coming back to PGHS, Winning the Shoe, and MTAL basketball champs.

Laura Merchak- Being in  Alice in Wonderland, my first drama scene with Emma, and finding out that both Mrs. Selfridge and Ms.Griffiths watch Once Upon a Time.

Tyler Hallock– Beating Carmel in the Shoe Game and getting the Shoe back.

Anthony Ramirez– Holding the Shoe at the Carmel field.

Andrew Steward– Joining the Pacific Grove baseball team and being a part of the program.

Autumn Waznis– Winning the Shoe, Drake concert , Magic Mountain, Senior Picnic, Dustin Lynch round 2, New Years, Garrett’s house, Europe, and cops and robbers.

Caitlin O’Donnell– My junior year with Michaela McCloud, Zelda Elisco, Melissa Radler and

Victoria Lopez. It was Christmas time and we all went to see the houses. Then we got out of the car and started doing a kick line and singing All I Want for Christmas is You.

Olivia Jamison– Rapping in PE sophomore year, real talk, holding hands with Caitlin, and being Mock Trial champs three years in a row.

Carly Tagg– Shoe Game and assassins.

Emily Czaplak- Drake concert, Mikey’s house, winning the Shoe, senior picnic, Sadie’s 2013,

Dustin Lynch round 2, Garrett’s house, NYC New Years 2011 and white water rafting.

Nick Armas– Running in the 800m race in league finals.

Destinee Wavrin– Getting ready for dances with my best friends.

Noa Umbaugh– Has yet to come, but I know walking to get that diploma will by far be my best memory.

Tia Del Pozzo– Joining the dance team my freshman year, creating so many amazing friendships and being able to perform with all of my best friends.

Victoria Harris– Senior Picnic, Senior breakfast and creating SQUAD.

Sophie Lowell– Hanging out with Josie during junior year of volleyball and my sophomore year basketball team.

Veronique Benard– All the teachers’ rants.

Monika Massey– That one day it snowed in PG (SPLASH ZONE 2014).

Mackenzie Bell– Winning MTAL in basketball junior year.

Rebecca Cooper– Disneyland trip 2014, Mock Trial, freshman year, speaking in front of the School Board.

Lakyn Marciano– Winning the Shoe Game.

Michelle Watkins– Hanging out with Jadon, and winning league title in cross country.

Jadon Phillip– Meeting Michelle Watkins.

Madison Rutberg– Winning the Shoe Game, the Shoe, and watching the Carmel kids cry.

Chris Fife– 2013 Baseball CCS championship game.

Emma Puckett– Winning the Shoe, meeting Kevin and winning CCS twice.

Alfredo Vargas– My first year in this school and I did not understand anyone.

Elena Doss – Sophomore year Basketball team (Dream Team) and winning the Shoe.

Emma Bergon- Doing school plays my freshman and sophomore years.

Melissa Radler– Sophomore year and baseball CCS Championship in San Jose.

Sam Balali- Playing Call of Duty with my friends in 8th grade and being an idiot.

Marshall Goldman– Winning the Shoe Game, becoming dance team co-captain junior and senior year, and meeting GP.

Kim Sollecito– Goofing off in study hall and finding new friends.

Kathy Valdivia- Winning the Shoe back.

Megan Backs– When I used to get a lot of sleep and when I got accepted to college.

Brittany Shaver- Being a part of the cheer team and having great friends.

Alex Villacres Witnessing the Shoe being taken back and March 21-22nd.

Taylor Rhoades– Performing and Disneyland.

Anthony Coppla- Winning the Shoe back and going 31-0 varsity baseball.

Lela Hautau– Cutting the net after winning the 2014 basketball championship.

Maya Sritharan– The chorus Disneyland trip 2014.

Konner ColemanTwelfth Night final for Bussio.

Jeremy Jenanyan– France and Spain trip summer 2014.

George Haugen– Remember that time I wrote about “The Night Before the Shoe Game”, and then we won? That was pretty cool.

Jason Leach– Let me paint you a picture…Saturday, November 15th , 2014. PG vs. Carmel in the biggest rivalry west of the Mississippi. We beat them on their brand new turf. Best day of my life.

Renzon Morata– Reno summer basketball freshman/sophomore year, Long awkward car rides with Powers, team dinners, Winterball 2014, late night car rides with Schrader and Garrett.




Worst Memory

The Worst of Times…

Zelda Elisco- Mr. Grate’s World History class, running the mile in P.E in 9 minutes. When I discovered that my foundation was four shades too dark for my face freshman year. Also, during freshman year.

Daniela Coatu If I had a few years, I’d tell you.

Michaela McCloud– Falling down the hill in my new white jeans.

Karina Pacheco –  When I slipped and fell on my face in front of half the class.  Everyone was laughing at me, but it is funny now that I look back at it.

Claire Momberger- The spring of freshman year as a whole.

Malcolm Gingras– Letting myself screw up Junior year.

Jessica Matthews- Having to be picked up by Staci at the Aquarium early because Sophie, John, Josh and I “ditched class.”

Deliah Miller- Having to go to first period every morning my senior year, sophomore year…just no.

Cameron Cuellar- My worst memory is when I got suspended sophomore year and missed the last two weeks of school.

Andi Canto- Slipping on a gum wrapper while cheering at my first football game.

Jackson Bursch- Finals junior year

Caty Strang- New Years 2014 in Zelda’s car, being the first kill in assassins.

Emma Teering Coming to school with my pants on inside out, realizing my mistake, but then not really caring enough to change them.

Laura Merchak Being sunburned for my freshman year yearbook picture.

Hayley Oliver- Mrs. Selfridge’s death look when I’m late for class.

Anthony Ramirez- Losing semi-finals against Monte Vista.

Jin Kim- Encountering a live crab.

Andrew Steward- Taking calculus.

Autumn Waznis- Every time we lost to Carmel, New Years 2014.

Caitlin O’Donnell- Losing contact with some really important people in my life. On a funnier note, another worst memory was tripping over a ramp and falling flat on my face at the tailgate in front of everyone.

Olivia Jamison- Kicking over the heater in Mrs. D’Amico’s room.

Emily Czaplak– New Years 2014, shoulder surgery.

Nick Armas- Taking physics in high school.

Destinee Wavrin- Studying for finals!

Carly Tagg-  Getting pulled over three times in one day in Alex’s car with Sam Stauffer.

Noa Umbaugh– Sitting in Ms. Martinez and Keller’s office…over and over again.

Tia Delpozzo  Finals. Every year.

Sophie Lowell-  Freshman year!

Veronique Benard– Junior year!

Mackenzie Bell-  Taking finals.

Rebecca Cooper– Gender Bender day.

Lakyn Marciano-  My worst memory would be injuring my hand (again) at the final powder-puff practice then not being able to play my senior game! ( And yes, we won in spirit.)

Michelle Watkins– Calculus.

Jadon Phillip-  When Mr. Grate caught Anthony with the binder I gave him and came and talked to me in the weight room.

Madison Rutberg- When we lost the Shoe Game last year.

Emma Puckett–  When Carly thought there was a bee in Emily’s hair.

Alfredo Vargas– When I had to read a paragraph in history and I said “no I can’t read in English.”

Elena Doss- Typing the senior newspaper.

Emma Bergon Freshman year Shoe Game in the pouring rain.

Melissa Radler- Freshman year Shoe Game, dancing in the pouring rain and losing the game.

Sam Balali When I got assassinated by Carly Tagg. All of 9th grade.

Kim Sollecito-  Where do I begin…

Kathy Valdivia- Finals.

Megan Backs– When I got hit by a water balloon my freshman year.

Brittany Shaver- When I was cheering in a routine I totally ate it.

Alex Villacres- Losing the Golden Ball in soccer.

Taylor Rhoades- Legally Blonde, applying to college, March freshman year, Haggquist School Musical, and Mr.Haggquist giving me an 8.5 on my essay because he wasn’t in the mood to give a 9.

Anthony CopplaLosing to Carmel my junior year at the Shoe Game.

Maya Sritharan Legally Blonde, the time I had to be a dying seagull onstage, every time Jin started singing Freddie Mercury songs in class.

Konner Coleman– Jin.

Jeremy Jenanyan- Math

Jason Leach– Freshmen year P.E., and when Chris Fife pantsed me in the dance room.

Renzon Morata– Air balling the game on my birthday


Senior Crushes

IMG_7669I Was Lovin’ You…

Zelda Elisco- Sam Balali and Erol the exchange student

Daniela Coatu Logan Hart

Michaela McCloud- Trevor Moore

Karina Pacheco – Trey Songz will always be my crush.

Hayley Oliver- Henry Loh. He is adorable and wicked smart.

Malcolm Gingras– Cammie Smithtro

Jessica Matthews– Mr. Selfridge

Deliah Miller- Kills

Victoria Lopez- Noah Sampaolo

Cameron Cuellar- Taylor Lankau, Gabby Marcuzzo, India Burgin, and Ally Herrera.

Jackson Bursch- Katie Selfridge

Caty Strang- Not Gabe Rose

Emma Teering Lakyn when she sits next to me in class.

John Buttrey– Victoria Ann Harris

Laura Merchak Hannah Renner-Bennett, Kylie Koestner, Delphie Myron

Anthony Ramirez– Kyra Kennedy

Andrew Steward- Michaela McCloud

Autumn WaznisWaznis- Mr.Steinback

Caitlin O’Donnell- Nick Coppla, Gabe Payan and of course Dylan O’Brien

Olivia Jamison- Matthew McConaughey

Emily Czaplak Mr. Steinbeck

Nick Armas- Let me think about that

Destinee Wavrin- Ty Barrett, Anthony Aliotti, Ryan Richardson, and Jeremiah Greenberg

Noa Umbaugh- Trentin

Tia DelPozzo– Everett Millette, Jack Bergon, and of course Julian Pierre

Victoria Harris– John Buttrey

Sophie Lowell– Sam Fenstermaker, Chip Wagner, Josh Wren, Josie Morgan, Tina Lucido, and Erol Ersek

Veronique Benard– Arielle Isack, Gavin Eldridge, Wesley Hardin, Henry Loh, Lizzie Loh, and Kelsi Nieves

He doesn’t even go here”

— Monika Massey

Mackenzie Bell- Sam Fenstermaker, Renzon, and Erol

Rebecca Cooper- Kelsi Nieves, Emma Jeffers, April Ortiz, Claire Borges, Andi Kelly, Ashley Aguilera, Esther Lee, Rachel Consiglio, Becky Phillips, Delphie Myron and Maggie Lindenthal-Cox

Lakyn Marciano- Mr. Light and Mr. D’Amico

Michelle Watkins- Jadon Phillip and Wesley Hardin

Jadon Phillip- Michelle Watkins, Lexi Rohrer and Mrs. D’Amico

Madison Rutberg-Colton Moore

Chris Fife- Natali Baratashvili, Caroline Evans and Aliya Chroman

Emma Puckett- Mr.Steinback and Kevin Russo

Alfredo Vargas – Non, no crushes for me. I was very focused.

Elena Doss- Erol and Bridger

Emma Bergon- Cassie Guderski

Melissa Radler- Morgan Gamecho

Sam Balali- Tymon, Magmoun, Brendmoun and Delphmoun

Marshall Goldman- Birkenstocks

Kim Sollecito- Jonah

Kathy Valdivia- Netflix

Megan Backs- John F. Kennedy

Brittany Shaver- Brad Sendell and Dashiell Stokes

Alex Villacres- Michaela McCloud, Cammi Whiteside and Baby Kay

Taylor Rhoades- Zeus Marquez, Ben Phillips, Maggie Lindenthal-Cox, Shira Kershner, Sophia Levy, Emily Stewart, Ms.Griffiths, King Sextimus, and Brendan.

Anthony Coppla-Katie Selfridge

Maya Sritharan- Zeus Marquez, Delphie Myron, Maggie Lindenthal-Cox, Abby Stewart, Brendan MacLaren, Ty Barrett, My Marshmallow Prince and Ms.Griffiths

Konner Coleman- Liam Cunningham

Jeremy Jenanyan- Laura Merchak, Destinee Wavrin, Melissa Radler, Liam Cunningham, George Haugen and Brain Kearny

George Haugen– Konner Coleman, Jeremy Jenanyan, Alex Thibeau and Daniel Jiang

Jason Leach– Kaelene Jensen

Renzon Morata– Obviously Kendra Lis

Rutger Sperry- Kendra Lis

Lila Afifi– Ms. Griffiths

Jin Kim– Maya, Hannah, Taylor, Becky, Arielle, Emma, Olivia, Claire, Jennifer, Josette, Leilani and Yassine

Marina Nakhla– Erol

Dashiell Stokes- Lexi Rohrer

What If?

Just imagine….

What if Zelda shaved her armpits?

What if Carly wasn’t sassy?

What if I never came to PG?

What if the arts were supported/funded as much as sports?

What if we were suddenly allowed to eat in the library?

What if Caitlin O’Donnell and I weren’t placed in the same reading group in third grade?

What if we had a school wide laser-tag game?

What if we sold coffee in the cafeteria?

What if we actually spoke our minds and kept no secrets?

What if every girl wasn’t obsessed with Steiny?

What if SQUAD 4ever was not created?

What if I could actually shop for shoes out of the kid’s section?

What if Mr.Haggquist didn’t always have a guitar handy?

What if Keller wasn’t overly strict?

What if Zelda wasn’t so mean/sassy?

What if Madi didn’t almost kill me while driving?

What if Emma’s minivan wasn’t the best looking car on campus?

What if Barbara stayed?

What if Mrs.Selfridge couldn’t say “Um”?

What if Mrs. Martinez never left?

What if I finished?

What if Mr.Keller wasn’t VP?

What if Mr.Steinback wasn’t married?

What if Zelda shaved her legs?

What if I had never met Michaela McCloud or Megan Backs?

What if “Girl Power” never happened?

What if Caitlin O’Donnell, Marshall Goldman, Kim Sollecito, Olivia Jamison and Michelle

Watkins didn’t have Mr. Morgan’s 6th period US History class together?

What if Lela wasn’t Tongan?

What if Madi didn’t think she was Kylie Jenner?

What if Zelda didn’t eat bird food?”

What if Chris wasn’t cocky?

What if Nathan didn’t wear a white shirt every day?

What if Elena didn’t have a Texan accent?

What if I wasn’t a ginger?

What if nobody wore clothes to school?

What if I’d taken art all four year? I’d be a happier camper.

What if John and Apollo didn’t have a handshake?

What if Cassie was mainstream?

What if Jessica didn’t play basketball?

What if Griff actually retired?

What if Kendra didn’t play volleyball?

What if Josette Marsh never left?

What if Becky Cooper was a Republican?

What if Ottmar put in grades?

What if spouses couldn’t both work at the school?

What if no one switched to Community High School?

What if Cassie never set me up with Jadon?

What if Nick Matthews stayed through high school?

What if Myrna Kalini actually went to class?

What if Cameron was tall?

What if Carly didn’t stress about everything?

What if Lakyn was from New York?

What if the seniors had control of the entire school for one day?

What if Nick Armas actually showed up to school on the day of the test?

What if the dance team only had one coach?

What if we had stairs instead of the hill from the parking lot?

What if Caty didn’t’ threaten me every day?

Whatif Autumn didn’t wear makeup?

What if we could all fly?

What if Destinee wasn’t a ginger?

What if Jason wasn’t fast?

What if I played sports instead of acting?

What if I didn’t have an Instagram?

What if none of us did our eyebrows?

What if Mr.Powers became President?”

What if Josh wasn’t tall?

What if Marshall wasn’t short?

What if Daniel Jiang showed emotion?

What if Jason never went to Arizona?

What if Merna actually showed up to school?

What if Zayn never left One Direction?

What if I didn’t fail every math test I took?

What if MPC didn’t exist

Favorite Class and Favorite Teacher

Breaker Faves

Zelda Elisco– Art and Mr.Kelly, Mr.D’Amico and Mr. Ottmar

Daniela Coatu- Mr. Morgan, Mr. Rubin, Mrs. Gordon, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Mein, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Powers, Mr.Afifi and Ms. Tonkin

Hayley Oliver- Fred Rubin. Thank you for everything Mr. Rubin.

Karina Pacheco – My favorite class was Anatomy with Mr. Rubin.  I loved learning about the body and getting to dissect pigs and seeing how similar our bodies are to the pig’s. Also, Mr. Rubin is just a great teacher.

Claire Momberger– Spanish two with Senora Johnson

Malcolm Gingras- Mrs.Selfridge – all day, every day, forever.

Jessica Matthews-

Math with Mr. Selfridge and World History with Mr. Grate”

— Jessica Matthews

Deliah Miller- Photo one, two and three, and Mr. Rubin!!

Victoria Lopez– Mrs. Gordon. She is the reason I really enjoy English class. She is an amazing teacher and I was lucky to have her for two great years!

Cameron Cuellar– Mr. Steinbeck and computers class.

Andi Canto- Mr.Haggquist Psychology and Mr.Powers U.S. History. Their humor and personality crack me up.

Caty Strang– Ms. Griffiths and Mr. & Mrs. Selfridge

Emma Teering– Free 7th was pretty chill.

John Buttrey– Freshman P.E. with Ms. O’Donnell

Laura Merchak- Drama with Mr.Bussio, Mrs.Selfridge, Mr.Powers, the D’Amico’s, Madame Olin and Mr.Afifi

Tyler Hallock- Mrs. O’Donnell

Anthony Ramirez- Mrs. Gordon for teacher, Foods for class and Mr. Rubin is pretty funny too.

Andrew Steward- My Economics and Government classes with  Mr. Steinbeck

Autumn Waznis Art class and Mr. Steinbeck

Caitlin O’Donnell- Drama class with Ms.Griffiths, Mr. Rubin and Mr. Kelly

Carly Tagg- Mr.Kelly, Mr.Powers, Mrs. Gordon and Mr. Steinbeck

Emily Czaplak Foods class with Mrs. Erickson

Nick Armas- Geometry with Mr. Light

Destinee Wavrin-U.S. History with Mr. Powers, World History with Mr. Grate and Algebra Two with Mr. Rubin #bestfriend

Noa Umbaugh- Anatomy with Mr. Rubin

Tia Del Pozzo Economics with Mr. Steinbeck. Much love

Victoria Harris- Mrs. Erickson

Sophie Lowell– French with Madame Olin

Veronique Benard– Ms.Griffiths

Mackenzie Bell- Sports Medicine with Dr.Payan

Rebecca Cooper- Drama and AP Government with Ms.Griffiths

Lakyn Marciano- Mr. D’Amico and Mr. Light

Michelle Watkins- Mrs. D’Amico

Jadon Phillip- Karinne Gordon and Sir Isaac Rubin

Madison Rutberg- Algebra with Mrs. Lemmon and Senior Rubin

Chris Fife- Mr. Steinbeck

Emma Puckett- U.S. History with Mr.Powers, Mr. Grate, Mr. Steinbeck, and Mrs. Lemmon

Alfredo Vargas- World History and U.S. History with Mr. Morgan

Elena Doss- Junior Rubin, Mrs.Selfridge, Mr. Kelly, Mr. & Mrs. Erickson and Senora Buller

Emma Bergon Bussio!!!

Melissa Radler– Art class and Mr.Afifi

Sam Balali– Mr. Rubin for his pure soul, Mr.Haggquist for putting up with my BS, and Mrs.Selfridge for not taking my BS

Mr. Rubin for his pure soul, Mr.Haggquist for putting up with my BS, and Mrs.Selfridge for not taking my BS”

— Sam Balali

Marshall Goldman- Mrs. Gordon

Kim Sollecito- Mrs.Mello, Mr. Steinbeck, Mr. Morgan , Mrs. Gordon and Mr. Kelly

Kathy Valdivia- Drama class with Ms.Griffiths

Megan Backs- Math class with Mr. Selfridge

Brittany Shaver- Danny Pow Pow

Alex Villacres- Fred Rubin

Taylor Rhoades- Any class with Ms.Griffiths and Mrs.Selfridge, Photo with Mr. Sconduto, Mr. Powers, and Sean and Michelle Boulware (even though they are technically “club advisers”).

Anthony Coppla Mrs.Selfridge English 3 and Mr. Morgan US History

Lela Hautau- Mrs. Gordon

Maya Sritharan– Everything involving Ms Griffiths.

Konner Coleman- Mr. D’Amico

Jeremy Jenanyan- AP Psychology and Mr.Powers

George Haugen- Senor Grate, Danny Pow, and Larry

Jason Leach- DJ Gordy-Gor, Special – K, Karinne Flakes

Renzon Morata U.S. History with Mr.Powers, Foods with Mrs.Shue and Spanish with Senora Buller

Rutger Sperry- Justus Grate

Lila Afifi- AP Government with Ms.Griffiths

Jin Kim-Mr.Powers, Ms.Griffiths, Mr. D’Amico and Mr. Kostyshak

Marina Nakhla– Mr. Steinbeck

Dashiell Stokes– Mr. Steinback, Mrs. Gordon, Mrs.Selfridge, Mr. Hoffman and Mrs. O’Donnell

Cassie Guderski– Mr. Morgan

Wish I Would’ve…


Zelda Elisco- Participated in swim and taken leadership earlier in high school. I wish I would have made it past the 9 lbs. weights in P.E.

Daniela Coatu Performed more so people could hear my voice.

Karina Pacheco – Gotten involved more with school activities, and I wish I signed up for Leadership

Michaela McCloud– Branched out of my comfort zone.

Hayley Oliver- Gotten more involved in school spirit stuff and senior activities.

Claire Momberger- Participated in Student Voices.

Malcolm Gingras– Started drama and Mock Trial sooner and stayed with drama.

Jessica Matthews- Worried less about my grades and partied more.

Deliah Miller- Taken school more seriously and involved myself more.

Victoria Lopez- Played more sports throughout my high school career.

Met more people outside of PG High. I also wish I wrestled.”

— Cameron Cuellar

Andi Canto- Been less shy and actually participated in sports and activities I like and talked to more people.

Jackson Bursch- Done cross country and swimming all four years .

Caty Strang– Not voted Zelda for most friend lists.

John Buttrey- Created a badminton team.

Laura Merchak Been able to swim my senior year.

Tyler Hallock- Played basketball my senior year.

Anthony Ramirez- Played basketball senior year.

Andrew Steward- Gotten more A’s on my report card.

Autumn Waznis Confessed my love for Steinbeck and been in Leadership all four years.

Caitlin O’Donnell- Started taking drama my freshman year and took AP classes.

Carly Tagg- Participated in more lunch time activities.

Emily Czaplak Tried harder in school, been in Leadership for all four years, played powder-puff freshman, sophomore and junior years.

Nick Armas- Not taken foods class senior year and played on the soccer team.

Destinee Wavrin- Done Powder-Puff.

Noa Umbaugh- Had the knowledge I now have during the past years.

Tia Del Pozzo– Played soccer

Victoria Harris- Been more involved in school activities.

Sophie Lowell- Taken harder classes and worked harder in my classes my freshman year.

Veronique Benard- Had a free seventh

Monika Massey- Told the girl with the red Mini-Cooper to stop taking my parking spot.

Mackenzie Bell- Joined swimming or the track team and done powder-puff every year.

Rebecca Cooper- Come out sooner.

Lakyn Marciano- Figured out my true friends sooner and stuck with volleyball for my senior year.

Madison Rutberg- Gotten better grades

Taken more chances”

— Chris Fife

Emma Puckett- Played volleyball all 4 years.

Alfredo Vargas-Participated in school spirit days and participated in the swim team .

Elena Doss- Driven my Mo-Ped to class like in Zoey 101.

Emma Bergon Played soccer.

Sam Balali No regrets

Marshall Goldman– Been in Leadership all four years, played multiple sports, not cared so much about what others thought of me.

Kim Sollecito– Become cool earlier.

Joined the wrestling team.”

— Kathy Valdivia

Megan Backs- Tried out for the swim team.

Brittany Shaver– Had a boyfriend.

Alex Villacres- Participated in more school sports.

Taylor Rhoades- Started taking tap earlier and slept my freshmen year.

Anthony Coppla-Worked harder to get better grades

Lela Hautau- Been a cheerleader

Maya Sritharan- Challenged Mr.Haggquist to a duel.

Konner Coleman- Moved to PG Sooner.

Jeremy Jenanyan– Played football and joined leadership senior year.

George Haugen- #NoRegrets

Jason Leach- Balled out my freshman year and pursued my interest in underwater basket-


Rutger Sperry- Dropped out

Lila Afifi-Taken drama senior year

The Next Chapter…

Where Are You Going To Be Next Year?

Zelda Elisco- Hopefully at a college I love!

Daniela Coatu MPC!

Karina Pacheco – I will be at MPC

Michaela McCloud- Next year I will be in South America working in an orphanage. The year after that I plan to attend Seattle University or the University of San Francisco.

Hayley Oliver- Next year I will be in college or working and trying to start my own business.

Next year, I will be attending Baylor University in Waco, Texas, studying the environment.”

— Claire Momberger

Malcolm Gingras- Running ‘round crazy at college, and by “running ‘round crazy” I mean sitting in my dorm, crying over my mandatory reading.

Jessica Matthews- Cornell College to play basketball.

Deliah Miller- Attending MPC and hopefully figuring out what I want to do with my life.

Victoria Lopez– I plan on living in San Luis Obispo and going to Cuesta College with Noah and Caitlin.

Cameron Cuellar-Attending MPC. #LOBOLife

Andi Canto– Sonoma State University, studying psychology.

Jackson Bursch- California State Long Beach

Caty Strang- Studying nursing at Chico State with my bud/roommate Monika

Emma Teering Gap year in Portugal

John Buttrey- The Monterey Peninsula College

Anthony Ramirez- MPC

Tyler Hallock-MPC

Anthony Ramirez-MPC

Andrew Steward-MPC

Autumn Waznis  San Antonio College, Texas

Caitlin O’Donnell- Living in San Luis Obispo and going to Cuesta studying to be a nurse and working on becoming an actress. I will also be going to college with Victoria Lopez.

Olivia Jamison- Attending University of Oregon

Carly Tagg- Community College, San Diego

Emily Czaplak San Diego

Nick Armas- San Jose State University College of Engineering or MPC

Destinee Wavrin– New York at AMDA

Noa Umbaugh- Sonoma State University. Go Seawolves!

Tia Del Pozzo– I’m going to explore the world.

Victoria Harris- San Diego Christian College

Sophie Lowell- College

Monika Massey– Chico State. Go Wildcats!

Mackenzie Bell-

University of La Verne majoring in athletic training”

— Mackenize Bell

Rebecca Cooper- Studying History at UOP

Lakyn Marciano- Hopefully San Diego State University studying Criminal Justice and Art

Michelle Watkins- Chico State

Jadon Phillip- Chico State

Madison Rutberg- CSU Channel Islands

Chris Fife- Long Beach State University

Emma Puckett- probably working and going to a CC

Alfredo Vargas-MPC

Elena Doss- Doing my Global Citizen Year fellowship in Ecuador.

Emma Bergon-Lewis and Clark College

Melissa Radler– Sonoma State University

Sam Balali MPC

Marshall Goldman- CSU Channel Islands

Kim Sollecito- You tell me.

Kathy Valdivia- MPC

Megan Backs– Sonoma State University

Brittany Shaver- MPC

Alex Villacres– Traveling

Taylor Rhoades-In college, tap dancing and singing up a storm.

Anthony CopplaPlaying baseball at CSUMB

Lela Hautau- Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas

Maya Sritharan– In prison, probably.

Jeremy Jenanyan MPC or Sac state

Konner Coleman – In a mirror

George Haugen– Texas? San Diego? Who knows – the world is my oyster.

Jason Leach- Playing football and lacrosse in college.

Renzon Moratao- Living the Lobo Life

Lila Afifi- College

Cassie Guderski- Hopefully at HSU


Where Do You See Yourself in Ten Years?

Zelda Elisco- Earning a degree in Environmental Studies and studying abroad. Also, having traveled to Bali, Thailand, Greece and Europe.

Still 5’2. Let’s face it, I’m done growing.”

— Daniela Coatu

Michaela McCloud- Living in a beach house with a white cat named Whiskey.

Karina Pacheco – Working with special needs children or as a sign language teacher.  I hope to also be living in Oregon and starting a family.

Hayley Oliver- Owning my own business and doing something awesome (maybe making robots?).

Claire Momberger – I see myself as a successful Hydrologist helping provide water for the future of the world. I will also be madly in love with my husband, a mom, and relaxing in my vacation home in Kona, Hawaii.

Malcolm Gringras- Dishin’ out justice and making a better country for your kids.

Jessica Matthews- Hopefully coaching basketball at any level.

Deliah Miller- Hopefully in a career I enjoy, living in New York City and not being a mess.

Victoria Lopez– I plan on living in San Diego with Noah. I will be pursuing my career in crime scene investigation. Being neighbors with Tori and John.

Cameron Cuellar- I see myself a graduate from college with a steady job and hopefully a beautiful girlfriend or wife.

Andi Canto – Maybe a little taller, maybe a little more out-going and maybe a little bit richer. In all realness, though, probably just trying to pay off my student loans.

Jackson Bursch- Tan, hot and rich.

Caty Strang– Married to a hunky cop, cuddling with my 1,872,467 puppies, saving lives and whatnot.

Emma Teering-Having enough money to eat whatever I want.

John Buttrey- San Diego with the crew.

Laura Merchak– Working as a Disney Imagineer.

Tyler Hallock– Having a house, a family and a dog.

Anthony Ramirez- Rackin’ in the bank, good job.

Andrew Steward- Making a lot of money and living a great lifestyle.

Autumn Waznis Rich, famous and married to a cowboy with a golden retriever and being a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.

Caitlin O’Donnell- I see myself having a successful job, living comfortably, married, and living next door to my two best friends.

Olivia Jamison- Rich, hot and happy.

Carly Tagg- Being a nurse and starting a family.– Being a nurse and starting a family.

Emily CzaplakLiving in a mansion with a hot husband and 3 kids

I’ll let you know in 10 years”

— Nick Armas

Destinee Wavrin- I see myself graduated from college and working in professional theater.

Noa Umbaugh- With a stable job, finished with school and enjoying life to its fullest.

Tia Del Pozzo– Done with college, in my own home, doing what I love and I’m incandescently happy.

Sophie Lowell- I see myself either teaching or counseling young children. Hopefully married and having children.

Veronique Benard– Sipping a margarita on a private beach in Rio celebrating my graduation from medical school

Monika Massey- living in a house in Big Sur married to my special snazzy business man, opening up my own Pediatric Occupational Therapy Center. Oh, and don’t forget about my chow chow puppy and pet cow.

Mackenzie Bell- In ten years I see myself graduated from college and have a job as a physical therapist.

Rebecca Cooper- Teaching history at a public high school and starting a feminist uprising.

Lakyn Marciano– In ten years I hope to be living Oceanside in the south working as an investigator and finally driving a truck.

Jadon Phillip- Probably about 27

Madison Rutberg– Married with two kids living down in the Los Angeles area.

Chris Fife– Making millions doing what I love and surrounded by the people I love.

Emma Puckett– Married and working

Elena Doss– Winning

Emma Bergon– Working at a hospital and living in a big city.

Melissa Radler– In the FBI

Sam Balali Somewhere wondering where I’ll be in ten years.

Marshall Goldman– Working at Robert Down Elementary school as a kindergarten teacher.

Kim Sollecito- Sitting on the floor of some restaurant.

Kathy Valdivia- Living life!

Megan Backs- I see myself traveling and working for a fun and great career and having a cup of tea.

Brittany Shaver- I will be an athletic trainer in the NFL.

Alex Villacres- Doing what I love.

Taylor Rhoades- Living in a big city in a studio apartment with a cat for a pet and performing professionally.

Anthony Coppla Graduated from college, having a successful job, a smokin’ hot wife, a bulldog, a nice house, a badass truck and pro hog hunting.

Lela Hautau- Married with twins on the way.

Maya Sritharan– In prison, probably.

Konner Coleman- In a mirror.

Jeremy Jenanyan– Either a lawyer or possibly working in law enforcement.

George Haugen– Doing cool stuff with cool people with cool things.

Jason Leach– With a successful job, happy marriage, and hopefully still playing football.

Renzon Morata – Doesn’t matter. As long as I’m happy, but Hawaii would be nice.

Rutger Sperry- Mansions, Malibu and Lambos..

Lila Afifi– 10 years closer to death.

Jin Kim– Shoe-la-la: A Men’s Shoe Store.

Cassie Guderski Curing HIV/ AIDS in Africa.

Senior Wills

I, of Sound Mind and Body…

Zelda Elisco-I leave my parking spot to Eli Elisco and impeccable style to Tati. I leave my Whole Foods lunchbox to Eli Elisco. I leave Leilani my homemade shampoo and deodorant.

Daniela Coatu I leave my seat in the art room to Delphi Myron, I know you’ll use it well. I leave my makeup doing to all the people that are late in the mornings, but still want to look fabulous before class starts. And lastly I leave my procrastination oh, I don’t know, I’ll figure it out later.

Claire Momberger- My AP Government binder, which was anonymously passed down to me, will be bestowed upon the next generation of AP Government students.

Malcolm Gingras– I leave the tennis team (hopefully) to Jack Bergon

Jessica Matthews- I leave my PG bucket hat to Christina Lucido, my old school car to Cammie Whiteside and my cool looking socks to Allie Patton.

Deliah Miller- I leave everything to Rachel. She is queen, bask in the glory of her mane.

Victoria Lopez– I leave my parking space to Morgan Gamecho because she is the best underclassman ever.

Cameron Cuellar– I leave my tackling skills to James Donlon and Noah Ryan. #LB4LIFE

Andi Canto- I have nothing anyone wants.

Jackson Bursch- I leave my swag to Kalani Shen.

Caty Strang- I leave all of my love and Spanish knowledge to Ally Herrera and San Clemente to Mariah Powell♡

John Buttrey- Leaving #3 in football for Apollo.

Laura Merchak I leave all the walnuts in my trail mix to Rachel Biggio, and I leave my birthday to Delphie Myron.

Anthony Ramirez- I leave behind my legacy.

Andrew Steward– I am taking all my things with me, I leave nothing.

Autumn Waznis I leave Dani Garza my school spirit.

Caitlin O’Donnell– I leave the Breaker Girl Dance Team to Baylie Vogelpohl and Kyra Kennedy. I leave my sassiness to Morgan Gamecho and I leave my wonderful art skills to Kylie Koestner.

Olivia Jamison- The Defense Council table I leave to Noah and Wesley as they continue to win, killin’ it next year in Mock Trial.

Carly Tagg – Parking Spot: Savannah Williams. Sassiness: Christina Lucido

Nick Armas- I leave the track team to Douglas Dow, Everett Millette, Zach Goodwin, Henry Loh and Lucas Milar.

Destinee Wavrin- I leave the Cheer Team to Caroline Gruber. I leave my role as a ginger to Helice Eitelgeorge

Tia Del Pozzo I have no belongings. Materialism kills.

Victoria Harris– To Lala Hautau, the wink. To Christina Lucido, bossing around the underclassmen.

Sophie Lowell- I leave my bad mouth to Christina Lucido, I leave my booty to Tati, I leave my sports to Abby, and I leave my cheerleading skills to Josie Morgan.

I will the viola section to Henry Loh.”

— Veronique Benard

Mackenzie Bell–  I leave my parking spot to Jessica Natale.

Rebecca Cooper- I leave the alto section to Helice Eitelgeorge, my charming personality and good looks to Arielle Isack and all the cats in the world to Ty Barrett.

Michelle Watkins- Girls Cross Country team to Christina, Lexi and Kaelene. Track distance squad goes to Douglas and E-Money.

Madison Rutberg I leave my parking spot to whoever wants it and any of my binders to Julia Spears or Taylor Lankau.

Chris Fife–  I leave the baseball infield to James Donlon and Colton Moore.

Emma Puckett– Nothing to leave.

I leave my rapping career to Mareta and Allie”

— Elena Doss

Emma Bergone- I leave Tati Rolph all my binders. I leave Jack Bergon my car and parking spot.

Melissa Radler– I leave Tati my parking spot

Sam Balali I leave my political influence to Brenden MacLaren. I leave my -moun privileges to Ty Barrett.

Marshall Goldman- I leave Kyra Kennedy my parking spot and Hannah Renner-Bennett my habit of always eating in leadership.

Kim Sollecito- I leave everything to Rachel Spungerz and Emememily K Mullet-Foster. May your last year be fruitful. Godspeed.

Kathy Valdivia– Have Caroline Gruber carry on the cheer team spirit, leave Minhee Cho the confidence I have with soccer. Have Kylie Koestner continue the LAX team with girls on the boy’s team. Lastly have Monika continue the “Pine Cone” tradition for the track team.

Megan Backs– My will would be a notebook.

Brittany Shaver- I leave the cheerleading team to Caroline Gruber. Go Grubes!

Alex Villacres- I leave my charm and dashing good looks to T-rev and Max. Angus – take over Leadership.

Taylor Rhoades- I leave my winged eye-liner techniques to Magge LC, my enlarger in the darkroom to Brennen, my undying love for the Phantom of the Opera to Arielle Isack, and my title as Best Dancer at St. Bernadette’s to Ty.

Anthony Coppla – I leave my parking space to Trevor Moore to park his crawler #superswampergang

Maya Sritharan- I leave my cynicism to Delphie Myron, my sass to Maggie Lindenthal-Cox, my title of “Best Ginger” to Alex Thibeau, and my motherly love to Zeus Marquez.

Lela Hautau – I leave the school to Rachel Biggio. Get some curtains.

Jeremy Jenanyan – I leave nothing to no one.

George Haugen- Should Lord Hoffman approve, I hereby relinquish the trumpet section to Lil’ Choi until David David Twohig Twohig changes his name on Facebook and/or passes his scales test. First doubles goes to Gucci Turtle.

Jason Leach– I leave the football team to James Donlon, the lacrosse team to Kane and Calvin, and my parking spot to Kaelene.

Renzon Morata – I leave the “Seaside” chant to Apollo, my jersey to Guaras and the air balled 3’s to

Lila Afifi- I leave my Twilight Zone Rocket Ship to Rachel Biggio.

Jin Kim- I leave my singing talents to Brendan and Ty because they need it.

Dashiell Stokes- I leave the soccer team to Ben Peakes.

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