Written by DiAnna Gamecho, Guest Contributor

Six of your fellow classmates: Cassie Guderski, Emma Teering, Zach Goodwin, Serenity Serratos, Erica Sy, Baylie Vogelpohl and her mom, Paris Vogelpohl, will be in Nicaragua sharing the BREAKER SPIRIT with many children at the Los Quinchos Orphange and in several villages.


Our program, called T.A.S.K 4 U & ME  ~ Together Achieving Successful Kindness ~ was founded and directed by Ms. Gamecho (in the Attendance office) along with Ms. Light (in the Career Center). Students and parents will travel to Nicaragua for the seventh straight year where they will contribute to five cities in six days!  In the seven year period this program has run, we have connected hearts and communities not just in Nicaragua, but also right here in our own country.

For the third year, Luisa Bolen’s 8th grade Spanish class at the San Antonio Academy of Texas has raised funds for projects to share with Nicaragua. Their $1,300.00 donation will make a tremendous impact on many children this year.

The 2nd graders at San Carlos School in Monterey has donated hand painted pillow cases to help the children of Nicaragua “dream of a better tomorrow”.  Also, because of kind donations of sports equipment from the P.G.H.S. basketball and baseball coaches, Nicaraguan “Breakers” are an incredible, and not uncommon, sight in San Marcos and Granada. Together with the “presence” of your fellow classmates, lifelong connections are made. This journey is packed with goodness; TASK 4 U and Me will deliver 200 backpacks filled with school supplies to children, and our team of students and three adults will also take the international language of music to Jinotepe, Nicaragua as we continue working with the MUSIC ACADEMY WE BUILT LAST YEAR…

It doesn’t end there folks. TASK participants will also lead and participate in interactive educational activities with the children of Los Quinchos Orphanage.

As you can see, this IS an action packed “Cultural Experience” that can only be embraced by stepping outside of Pacific Grove.


We will be on a life changing adventure and making magic happen!”

Please visit our website (built by the students – runs best on CHROME browser)


T.A.S.K 4 U & Me ~ Together Achieving Successful Kindness

As you see your fellow classmates in the hallway, give them a big HIGH FIVE

And if you would like to participate in MAKING A DIFFERENCE, YOU too can help by making a small donation, or if you have any old sports equipment you no longer want, please bring it to Ms. Gamecho’s office, and join us in a joyous journey of giving and goodness!