Spotlight: Mr. Lackey


Written by Eli Swanson and EJ Defensor

The Newsbreaker recently had the privilege of talking with PGHS teacher and boys soccer coach Nick Lackey.

Originally from Bakersfield, Mr. Lackey went to high school there before coming to CSUMB to pursue teaching.


NB: What have you been doing since you graduated from CSUMB?

L: Since I graduated from CSUMB, I graduated from the credential program to become a teacher.


NB: What schools have you taught at before PG?

L: I was at Seaside High School for the past eight years.


NB: Were you a soccer coach at Seaside as well?

L: Yes, I was a soccer coach there for the past four years.


NB: After a rough year last season, what are your goals for the team this year? 

L: My goal for this year is to start to generate a positive atmosphere again. I want to look at getting guys excited to come out for the team while teaching the technical and tactical part of the game. Getting guys to watch soccer games, getting them to become real students of the game who want to learn. From what I’ve witnessed so far over the past few weeks, we are getting there. The players are really striving and wanting to learn.


NB: Soccer games are generally sparsely attended affairs at PGHS. What would you say to someone who hasn’t been to a match to encourage them to come out and watch?

L: I think it is a very fun sport to watch, and I think the more you watch the more curiosity is generated about it. It is cold, so bring blankets, bundle up, bring hot chocolate, try to stay warm. I think it’s always fun to have school spirit, watch your peers play, and get to know them in a different light[through sports]. Once you get over the coldness factor, it’s a fun sport to watch. Soccer is a very crowd driven sport, especially at the pro level with chants and the energy the supporters bring.


NB: What clubs do you support?

L: Local club, San Jose Earthquakes of course. It’s always good to support your local club. As far as European teams, Fulham. Those would be the two main ones, and Real Madrid would be a close third. I’ve been to the stadium there and watched games.



The Newsbreaker would like to thank Mr. Lackey and wish him and the rest of the soccer team well as they kick off their season Saturday, December 6th at home against San Lorenzo Valley at 5 p.m.