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2016-2017 Staff

Emily Roper


Emily is a freshman who just moved to Pacific Grove this summer. She enjoys reading, bike rides, and looking at stuff on BuzzFeed. She also enjoys being involved in school activities. This is her first year in NewsBreaker and...

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Miles Lewis


Hey I’m Miles Lewis and I am currently a senior attending Pacific Grove High School! I like listening to Drake and Lil Yachty. I play for the Varsity Boy’s Basketball team. However, I love taking photos and making videos the...

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Eli Elisco


My Name is Eli Elisco and I am a senior at PGHS.  I have attended PGHS for all four years of high school, and this is my first year writing for the PGHS News Breaker. I truly enjoy creative writing, and am beyond exciting to...

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Michelle Lee


Michelle Lee is currently a sophomore at Pacific Grove High School and this is her second year as a NewsBreaker journalist. She likes all subjects, but especially favors English, history, and social sciences. Michelle plays tennis,...

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Helena Kurocik


Hi! My name is Helena Kurocik and I am currently a senior at Pacific Grove High School. I moved to Pacific Grove my sophomore year of high school, and it has proven to be nothing but a blessing. I now hold the position of Senior...

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Jackson Klarsfeld


Hello! My name is Jackson Klarsfeld, and I am a senior at PGHS. I didn’t join any clubs until my senior year when I realized they look good on college applications. I love taking cool pictures and videos, which is why I join...

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Elijah Taurke

Photographer and Journalist

Elijah Taurke is a freshman at PG High and will be a photographer and writer for the NewsBreaker. Some of his hobbies include taking pictures, ultimate frisbee, music, playing sports and spending time outside. He hopes to work ...

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Rachel Choi


Rachel Choi is a senior at PGHS. She likes hiking more than driving, watching movies more than shopping, daydreaming more than spacing out, people-watching more than crazy parties, star-gazing more than tanning in the sun, and st...

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Kiana Sorenson


Kiana is a sophomore at PGHS and has been in the Pacific Grove school district since kindergarten. She wants to participate in the school newspaper somehow, but is not as skilled at writing as some of her peers. Because of this, ...

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Ben Phillips


Ben is a high school senior at PGHS. Ben is on the cheer team and is a member of the knitting club, Spanish club, Model UN, and the NewsBreaker. After high school Ben is hoping to go to study neuroscience and go on to become a doctor. ...

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Lexi Rohrer


Lexi Rohrer, a senior at PGHS and the current ASB President, loves running, hiking, and kayaking in her spare time. Lexi also  loves to travel, read, and write, and hopes to improve her journalistic style by writing for the NewsBr...

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Camden Smithtro


Camden is a senior at PGHS. This is her second year on the newspaper, her fourth year of Mock Trial, and her seventeenth year of trying to just figure out what's going on. Camden writes plays sometimes, doesn't clean her room,...

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Oscar Scholin


I am a new “underclassman” at PGHS this year, and I am thrilled to write on behalf of the NewsBreaker and our amazing community. I am a French Hornist and a member of the  Monterey French Horn Ensemble and PG POPS Orchestra....

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Nicole Weber


Nicole Weber is a senior at Pacific Grove High School. She enjoys writing and reading good books as well as poetry. She has a love for taking photos, specifically polaroids, and you’ll probably spot her with her polaroid camera...

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Everett Millette


Everett Millette is a senior at PGHS and a journalist who’s new to the PGHS NewsBreaker. When he’s not writing, Everett can be found surfing, running, or obsessing over Rock ‘n’ Roll. As a journalist, his main goal is...

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David Tuffs


Hey, I’m David Tuffs, a journalist for the NewsBreaker, and you’ve probably accidentally clicked on my bio. I’m sixteen years old, and I’m in my junior year at PGHS. I enjoy music, art, math, and exploring the quirks and...

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Madison Snow

Writer and Photographer

Madison Snow is a freshman at PGHS. Her last name is quite perplexing, since she has never even seen the snow. Instead of soaking up all of the sun in sunny Pacific Grove, Madison spent her days listening to Christmas music and...

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Grace Hardin


Grace Hardin is a freshman at PGHS. She was born in Seattle, Washington and moved to Pacific Grove in fourth grade. Aside from her short lived makeup YouTube channel that racked up a whopping ninety six subscribers, she enjoys...

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Luke Herzog


Luke Herzog is a PGHS sophomore and one of the many intrepid journalists that can be found at the NewsBreaker. Beyond the school newspaper, Luke takes part in drama, choir, and the Young Writer’s Club. In fact, his passion for wr...

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Ryann Horning


Ryann Horning is a senior at PGHS. She has an interest in art, photography and culinary. She hopes to grow as a photographer though the NewsBreaker and looks forward to attending many of the school’s events. Through the years...

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Helice Eitelgeorge


Helice Eitelgeorge is a PGHS senior who has been active in school choir and musicals for seven years. She enjoys photography, philosophy, poetry and the company of others. She hopes to grow as a photographer through the NewsBreaker,...

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Vanya Truong


  Vanya Truong is a paralian who enjoys walking through forests, writing, camping, and art. She can always be found obsessing over the X-Files, cinematography, and road trips that have yet to happen.

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Isabel Cushman


Isabel Cushman is a senior this year at PGHS and a co founder of the NewsBreaker. She has lived in Pacific Grove her whole life, but enjoys exploring exciting places and meeting new and interesting people. If you see Isabel...

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EJ Defensor

Sports Editor, Writer

EJ Defensor is 17 year old senior at PGHS. He has worked on the newspaper since his Sophomore Year. At school, he enjoys math, science, and general cynicism.

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